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Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser + Free Essential Oil - SpaSens® 2 Liter Air Humidifier

Use Spasens® Aromatherapy Diffuser To Reduce Stress
Have Better Sleep, Ward Off Illness And So Much More

Are looking for a beautiful Aroma diffuser that gives you longer lasting health benefits of essential oils? Then this product is for you. Besides relaxing and calming effects of aromatherapy. Plus, it’s in a large size, which means you can use it for longer!

It's an easy and convenient way to relieve stress anytime. In fact, it’s ideal for stress relief. The healing oils are transmitted throughout your day, bringing Stress-relief any time. The essential oils are unaltered for more beneficial therapy, such as whether at work, home, office, or school.

Aroma Diffuser SpaSens

The healing oils are transmitted throughout your day, bringing Stress-relief any time. The essential oils are unaltered for more beneficial therapy, such as making your work space refreshing, your time at home relaxing and sleep patterns for bedtime routine revitalizing.

Top Major Benefits Of Vita Activate Essential Oil Burner + FREE Oil

Aromatherapy oil diffuser creates a fine mist of essential oils. Essential oil kills bacteria, germs and pollutants in the air so that your bedroom, living room, kitchen, or office is sanitized with a pleasant scent. Just a few drops are all you need!

Reduce stress with SpaSens® Aromatherapy Diffuser. Life is tough enough. Here’s an easy way to relax during your busy schedule to be peaceful at home. 

Have a good night’s sleep just put a few drops of essential oil, turn it on, and let it deliver just the right amount of healing scent for you. 

Say goodbye to dry nose and dry skin the lack of moisture in the air can lead to a number of different problems, such as dry skin, dry mouth or dry throat. When left unchecked, this simple issue can become more serious, and turn into respiratory problems. Aromatherapy essential oils can help you solve that issue by putting moisture back in the air. Hence, it can make your home healthier for you!

Feel more energized we all have our bad days, but we all wish we didn’t. The simple way to deal with those days is through aromatherapy, which the SpaSens® Aromatherapy Diffuser can bring you. 

Lavender essential oil to help yourself stay calm, relax, fall asleep faster. Need feel more energized? Then add peppermint oil in the diffuser. On the other hand, you can also get yourself going in the morning, or improve your level of energy in the middle of the day.

Helps prevent flu and coldness. Why suffer from flue or cold when you can improve the quality of air in your room with the wonderful smell of the essential oil? Resolve two issues with one product!


At the "Add To Cart" Select One of the Five Aroma Oils
Each Essential Oil Has Its Own Unique Benefits 

1. Lavender Oil

Suggested Uses: Relief of muscle pain, insomnia, muscle soreness, chronic pain (lower back, neck, etc.), chronic migraines. 

Lavender oil is one of the most popular and most research-backed essential oils out there for muscle pain relief. It is the most effective essential oil for muscle pain relief and is a natural alternative to pain relief drugs currently on the market. Its natural applications include relief of sore muscles, back pain, and overall muscle tension.

One more unique benefit of Lavender oil is its ability to treat and prevent insomnia and provide you with a better quality sleep. The presence of sedatives in Lavender oil enable it to be a powerful tool to fight insomnia, and allows you to relax and have a good nights sleep. Simply keep your diffuser running with a few drops of Lavender oil as you get ready for bed.

2. Peppermint Oil:

Suggested Uses: Relief of arthritis, muscle spasms, and short-term relief of IBS.

Peppermint oil is a great essential oil to treat arthritis and muscle spasms due to its strong antispasmodic properties. It is also a natural decongestant and helps relieve painful blocked sinuses. In addition to its many other uses, peppermint oil has been proven to be effective in easing tension headaches and muscle aches and pains.

One recent study found that peppermint oil was just as effective as the pain-relief drug paracetamol when used to relieve tension headaches. The study also showed that peppermint oil had the ability to relieve regular headaches without the typical side effects you get from frequently taking pain-killers, making it a superior option to medication. 

3. Lemongrass Oil

Suggested Uses: Boosting skin health, reducing inflammation, relieving muscle aches and sore muscles.

Lemongrass oil is another essential oil that provides several different benefits ranging from boosting your mood, relieving muscle aches and sore muscles, reducing inflammation, and boosting skin health. It’s one of the best essential oils for sore muscles. One study actually found that Lemongrass inhibits the inflammatory responses in the body by blocking the COX-2 enzyme, which is what makes it such a powerful remedy to reduce inflammation and relieve sore muscles.

4. Sweet Orange Oil

Suggested Uses: Antidepressant, treating chronic fatigue, and fighting skin infections.

Sweet orange oil is an essential oil obtained from the cold-pressing of the skin of an orange. It’s typically used as an antidepressent and is frequently used for treating depression and chronic fatigue. One study from 2012 found that the sweet orange aroma, from using sweet orange oil with a diffuser, helped improve the anxiety of volunteers submitted to an anxiogenic situation. In addition, it has antiseptic properties that make it effective for treating skin infections and various other problems such as mouth sores. Also, the main molecule present in sweet orange oil is monoterpene D-limonene which has been proven to exhibit anti-cancer effects.

5. Tea Tree Oil

Suggested Uses: Acne treatment, purifying air in your home, preventing illness.

This essential oil is obtained from the Melaleuca alternifolia tree and is extremely useful for treating a wide range of skin conditions ranging from skin sores to acne (and even dandruff!). For those that don’t response to other treatments, tea tree oil is the number one natural remedy for acne and dandruff which has been backed my many studies. In addition, diffusing tea tree oil in an Aromatherapy Diffuser will kill mold and other bad bacteria polluting your air in your home.

Place a few drops in your Aromatherapy Diffuser in order to purify surrounding air, prevent illness, and keep your skin healthy looking.

Aroma Expert Praise Our Diffuser as One That Is Reliable and Enjoyable!

Karen, Aromathrerapist, Spa At Home, Vancouver, Canada

"I use the Aromatherapy Diffuser from Vita Activate everyday. Not only does it make the air smell beautiful, it also acts as a humidifier. In addition, when used with certain essential oils it actual helps to clean the air. I use it with my son when he has a cold or at night to help him sleep. I especially like to use it in the winter during flu and cold season.

It helps to disinfect the environment. I also use Vita Activate Aroma diffuser in my professional life. I am a certified aromatherapist and when I am giving massages I use it to help calm my clients and set a spa like atmosphere in their own home."

Brilliant Features that Make SpaSens® Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser a Reliable Source for Relaxation

Dual mist spray ports are more effective dispersal of moisture and essential oil through two different pathways at the tip of the nozzles. 

Large size, which translates into longer use to enjoy the therapeutic effects of essential oils and the advanced cool mist technology with auto shut-off operates up to 4-6 Hours. No condensation makes the perfect gift, includes A/C Adapter as well.

1.2 MHz Ultrasonic dispersal oil into the atmosphere. Oil is split into fine particles which allow for an easier entrance to your nose to enhance the effect and improve your mood.The silent operation acts quietly to allow you to have a wonderful sleep while diffusing the essential oil. Allows your room to smell fresh and improves the quality of the air. 

Elegant, atmospheric LED soft mood lighting with different colors to choose from and you can turn ON/OFF the light as needed from the back if it gets too distracting at night with three adjustable mist levels low, medium, and high. A great feature to suit your needs.


Uses ultrasonic frequency 1.2 MHz to break up essential oils which is different from generic models

What does Optimal Frequency do? 

It means 100% of your essential oils are atomized.  So when you inhale the cool mist of essential oils you get the best therapeutic quality of the oil through your respiratory system.

Double mist, carved design, light show equals to a winning formula, comes with double mist: There’s two openings through which the mist can flow out, which means it spreads essential oil faster. You are getting a device that looks absolutely gorgeous, which means that you can use it as decoration in your home. The fact that it automatically changes colors, makes it both exciting and unique. 

However, the light-changing feature also comes with another benefit. All the 7 colors are picked especially to help improve your mood, whether it’s going from stressed to relaxed, or from tired to energetic.

Lastly, its double mist feature ensures that the benefits of aromatherapy are enjoyed as fast as possible by spreading out more mist.

    The Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser is compact, safe, with no burning oils, and easy-to-use, clean, and fits right into your office work space or family room. 

    Added bonus: Comes with a free complimentary essential oil

    How does it work?

     Safety Precaution

    Basic safety cautions should always be followed when using electrical appliances. Follow the instructions below.

    • Keep out of reach from children
    • Make sure to add water below a 2 liter capacity, if more the water will overflow
    • Wipe away any liquid that touches the AC adapter plug
    • Do not put any foreign objects in the device

    Note: Kindly make sure that the persons that are in contact with this diffuser has no allergies to the oils that are being used.


    • 2 Liter capacity
    • 7 different color variation
    • Frequency: 1.2 MHz
    • Weight: 2.2 lbs

    Package Include

    • 1 Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser
    • 1 FREE Essential oil
    • 1 Manual

    Try Vita Activate Essential Oil Diffuser Today and Ward Off Illness, Get Better Sleep Or  Better Concentration

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