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Travel Laundry Washing Machine (2 colors) - Vita Activate

Compact, portable, convenience all-in-one

For those that want something that's small in size yet easy to move around or those that live on their own which don't require a large washing machine, this is the solution for you!

High quality design and styled toward a modern look, this Miniwash washing machine fits on a countertop. For those with a lack of space in their home, this is the perfect product to ensure that your clothes always stay clean!

travel laundry washing machine

Why Laundry Alternative® Miniwash?

So simple, so affordable, so useful

Travel Laundry Machine

1. Simple in design yet robust in result. This washer has been researched and created so that room for error and chances of component breaking down have decreased dramatically. In short, this washer gives you a peace of mind knowing that it will do the job quite nicely!

2. A tiny washer with incredible settings. Unlike some generic models where the mini washers are literally a motor inside a container, the Laundry Alternative® Miniwash offers you a great flexibility. You can choose the washing time and the number of rinses that you want!

3. Enhanced shipping protection. To further prevent shipping damage for something that has a high value to improve your quality of life, the washer has been redesigned to combat against rough handling of the shipping process.

4. Portable and convenient. Due to the small size design, you can use it on a countertop where draining the water is simple and super easy to do. In addition, whether if you are at home or on a trip, as long as there's an electrical outlet and a standardized water faucet that can connect to the inlet hose, you will be able to use this washer to its full potential.

5. Three year comprehensive manufacturer warranty ensures that you are covered when you use this product.

Package include:

  • 1x Miniwash

Specifications / Safety & Cautions

  • 12 x 12 x 20 inches
  • Washing capacity: 4lb load
  • 14 lbs

Safety & Cautions

-Only use this washer in an area that allows water drainage
-To avoid water damage, do not use this washer on wooden flooring
-Do not overfill the washer to prevent water from leaking out

Try one today! You can get it here for only $78.00!

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