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TDP Lamp Replacement 6.5'' Mineral Plate

The Replacement Mineral Emission Heating Plate Acts as the Main Essential Beneficial Part for the TDP Lamp

Need to replace the attachable TDP Mineral Plate used for heating element for your TDP Floor lamp? Affordable TDP Lamp replacement Mineral Plates found here. It is very dangerous and almost hazardous to re-use your mineral plates after the expected usage life span. To avoid rust, deterioration, and other forms of substances forming on the mineral plates we strongly advise that the plates should be replaced.

The genuine one of a kind Mineral Plate is the heart of the TDP Lamp. We strongly advise you to change this every 2 years for optimal use. The life expectancy of the Mineral Plate is estimated to be 1,200 to 1,500 hours in equivalent this would be 2 years time frame.  

Take care of your TDP Lamp the way it has taken care of you. Purchase one today and get added relief that you have long deserved!


Dimension: 6.5''
Usage span: 2 years

Package Includes

- Mineral Plate

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