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TDP Lamp Head Replacement Part

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TDP Lamp CGQ 222 Genuine Top of the Line Replacement Head

Need to replace the attachable TDP head or heating element of your TDP Mineral lamp? Affordable unbeatable prices found here!

This one of a kind complete TDP lamp replaceable head is effectively efficient. The biggest head out there sold on the market can be purchased right here! The 33 mineral plates will benefit a person by canceling out depression, improving blood circulation and enhancing productivity within your daily lifestyle.

This includes all the parts: the mineral plate, heater, and coil. If your lamp head has exceeded the life expectancy and will not turn on it is usually a big red flag that the head piece needs to be replaced. 


Usage lifespan: 2 years
Compatible with only 6.5'' diameter mineral plate

Package Includes

- Replacement Head

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