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Survival Gear - Emergency Food Wise Favorites 72 Hour Supply

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Having tasty, nutritious meals during hardships is good for your body and mind

It's never easy having to endure the days after a disaster strikes. When food and water resources are limited and people around you are scrambling for supplies, it's always nice to be prepared ahead of time so that you and your family can survive.

Your body and mind can maintain a healthy status only if you are able to intake some food that are packed with nutrients. That's why having a wide selection of shelf-stable, easy to eat, easy to store emergency food supply is so important.

Let's check out the new long term food storage food supply that we have brought in from Guardian Survival Gear - FSF9 New 72 Hour 9 Pack Wise Favorites Emergency Food Supply!

What this 9 Pack Wise Favorites consists of:

Includes six entrées and three breakfast meals, each individually packaged for a total of 18 servings (2 servings per pouch). Entrées include meat. Packages included have a shelf life of 7 years compared to those in our buckets with a shelf life of 25 years. Great for hunting, camping and hiking! Simple to prepare, just add boiling water directly into pouch.

7 yr shelf life · Made in USA ·

- Chili Mac with Beef
- Cheesy Lasagna
- Teriyaki Chicken
- Pasta Alfredo with Chicken
- Strawberry Granola Crunch
- Apple Cinnamon Cereal
- Creamy Pasta with Chicken
- Noodle in Mushroom Sauce

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