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Survival Gear - Emergency Food New 72 Hour Supply

Vita Activate

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Stable shelf-life, a complete meal packed into one without hassle

It's never too early to prepare ahead with food preparations. There's always too late. When a disaster strikes, often it comes without warning. You may find yourself trapped in a situation where food and water are limited in supply and social anarchy is getting out of control.

Having a long and stable shelf-life long term food storage solution is a smart way to ensure your safety. With special processes being done on the food, they can remain edible up to 5 years (and perhaps more if you store them properly). While some may say emergency rations taste horrible, that's not true anymore. Manufacturers have understood the importance of flavorful meals that's why more and more emergency food packages offer a wide variety of choices. 

It is your duty to be able to survive on your own for at least 72 hours before help can arrive. Don't be part of the statistics and start prepare now!Vita ActivateGuardian Survival GearGuardian Survival Gear®

Let's check out the new long term food storage food supply that we have brought in from Guardian Survival Gear - FSW72 New 72 Hour Emergency Food Supply!

What this New 72 Hour Emergency Food Supply consists of:

This box includes 12 servings of entrees, 8 servings of breakfasts, and 14 servings of milk. This would be enough servings to feed 1 person for 3 days at 3 servings per day.

25 year shelf life and each is packed in a Mylar pouch

- 1 pouch of Chicken Noodle Soup (4 total servings)
- 1 pouch of Creamy Pasta (4 total servings)
- 1 pouch of Southwest Beans and Rice (4 total servings)
- 1 pouch of Brown Sugar and Maple Multi-Grain Cereal (4 Servings)
- 1 pouch of Apple Cinnamon Cereal (4 Servings)
- 1 pouch of Whey Milk (14 servings)

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