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Survival Gear - Emergency Survival Kit - Blackout

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Bring light to the darkness with this incredible survival kit

With aging infrastructures comes instability. The national power grid of both US and Canada has not seen any significant upgrade throughout the years. As more and more people are immersed within the entertainment of portable electronics and consumer electronics, the dominant effect of Information Age can be clearly seen. We tie ourselves, our lives, on computers and digital information. The digital lifestyle has become so entrenched in our sense of dependency that we have forgotten what made all this work - electricity.

When everything is working fine, we conveniently lived our lives without a care in the world. But when the power goes out, panic sets in. The times when power has just gone out without notice can be annoying, especially when it is the winter time and you need power to get the heat going. And by having gas generator as a backup, there's always that risk of carbon monoxide poisoning if air ventilation isn't good enough. Food will also spoil in the fridge after a few hours without power. And you can forget about cooking fresh meals if you use an electric stovetop.

Because we understand the seriousness of a situation that can happen quite frequently, that's why we've brought in the all-new Guardian Survival Gear - Blackout Kit! Be prepared for a blackout and never feel lost or frustrated again!

Demand outweighs supply


Here's a scary info: According to Inside Energy, who has compiled the annual information from the Department of Energy in US, from year 2000 to 2013, the average of grid outages have increased by around 110 per year. That's not all, according to Eaton Canada, Canada also suffered more than 100 power outages in 2012 and over 600,000 households were affected. So both nations are seeing a significant increase of power outages in a century where connectivity and digital information are fuelled by globalization effect.

So why is this happening? If governments know more and more people are connected through electronics, why aren't they spending more money on improving existing infrastructures?

There are several possible reasons:

1. The level of consumer and commercial consumption of power has greatly exceeded the speed of infrastructure upgrades. The existing infrastructures have been there for many, many years and in order to replace all the aging power lines, telephone poles, substations, power relay stations, and so on will require a significant amount of manpower and time. This brings to the next point.

2. Funding. In order to improve or upgrade existing infrastructure, governments will require much needed funding. However, money doesn't grow on trees or magically appear. Money comes from taxes and other fees, and no one wants to see any increase on these things that will damage their wallets. The bad status-quo between the system requiring money and the citizens demanding to keep their money is a never-ending dilemma. The lack of funding doesn't pertain only to the power grid infrastructures, it also affects something more, which brings to the next point.

3. Weather and environment. With global warming affecting jet streams that change the weather patterns, which means bigger storms, stronger winds, and heavier rainfall, without proper funding the cities aren't able to maintain the trees and other structures along the curbs. The increase in frequency and intensity of the storms will result in broken branches and trees, which can and will damage power lines.

This is why preparing for a blackout is an imperative measure because you will sleep with assurance that you and other people around your family can survive for the next 72 hours without power.

What this Blackout Kit offers:

  1. Light and Communications:

Emergency Lantern with Radio

x2 - Rechargeable Squeeze Flashlight

x3 LED flashlight

Box of Waterproof Matches

x2 - 30 Hour Emergency Candles

x2 - 12 Hour Emergency Bright Sticks


x4 - 16 Hour Body Warmer

x4 - Emergency Survival Sleeping Bags


Guardian 65 Piece Deluxe First Aid Kit


Deck of Playing Cards

Emergency Survival Kit Information:

This survival kit was designed using advice from experts in the emergency preparedness industry. It follows guidelines given by government agencies and non-profit preparedness organizations.

Weight: 7 lbs

Dimensions (length x width x height): 16" x 12" x 6"


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