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Vita Activate® Sports Knee Brace Elastic Strap Band

Chisoft Knee Tendon Support –Get Rid of Knee Pain without Drugs

Knee pain can be terrible. It can keep you sidelined out of life. Sports injuries, work injuries and life injuries can all cause immense and lasting pain. Known as ‘jumper’s knee’, this type of tendon injury can prevent you from walking distances or going up and down stairs.

The Chisoft Patellar Tendon Support can reduce pain and provide daily relief from the pain of jumper’s knee.

Jumper’s knee can be caused by:

  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Football
  • Roller Derby
  • Work Injury

Reduce Knee Pain without Drugs or Chemicals

By applying gentle pressure to the patellar tendon, supporting it and keeping it from struggling, the Chisoft Knee Tendon Support can relieve pain without chemicals, drug and completely odor free.

Get back into life without the knee pain that can keep you from wanting to walk, run, or climb stair.

Reduce Inflammation Naturally

The neoprene Chisoft Patellar Knee Support is made from the highest quality materials to last for years and can be used every day. There are on chemical side effects and the support can be removed whenever you want.

The completely adjustable, one-size-fits-most device simply fits under your knees, supporting the patellar tendon and reducing inflammation and pain. Walking, biking, hiking, and even stairs will no longer be a problem. Your knees will be supported and the pain will be significantly reduced or eliminated.

Chronic knee pain from Jumper’s Knee is one of the most uncomfortable and annoying types of 

pain. Every single step that you take is painful and awkward. The Chisoft Patellar Knee Support is ideal for reducing pain, discomfort and lack of motion.

Try it on your knee and feel instant difference 

  • Material : neoprene, nylon
  • Depending on size of knee, it can adjust more tighter or looser up to 18 inches.

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