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SAD Light TRAVelite


Be in Control of How Your SAD Light is Distributed

The TRAVelite helps you get back your energy while allowing you to have control over how you receive its powerful light. If you’ve been looking for a versatile SAD lamp, you’ve found it.


Benefits of the TRAVelite SAD Light Therapy 

  • Feel energized naturally

  • Position it vertically or horizontally to better fit your needs 

  • It’s portable, which means it’s easier for you to carry around

What Can this SAD Light Do for You?

TRAVelite is here to help you feel energized when you need it. Turn it on, and use it for as little as 15 minutes daily, and you’re bound to feel an improvement. You’ll feel more energized every day.


What’s Unique about this portable SAD Light?

This model is unique amongst SAD lights because of its versatility. Depending on where you want the light concentrated, you can place it vertically or horizontally. This way, you’re in control of how you’re getting the wonderful benefits of this lamp.

Another great benefit is that this lamp can be moved around easier. That’s because it’s lighter and more compact than the others.


How Does This SAD Light Work?

The TRAVelite operates using the principles behind light therapy. This means that it makes use of powerful light to show your body that it is not yet time for sleep. This way, you’re going to feel energized without having to use coffee.


Other Amazing Features: 

  • No humming or flickering
  • Saves you money: consumes less than 50 watts
  • Powerful: 10,000 Lux delivered at a distance of 12 inches


You don’t have to feel tired anymore!

Take action and get the TRAVelite lamp today!

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