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Organic Baby Lotion Unique Blend of Shea Butter, Calendula, Herbal Tea Extract

The Powerful Benefits of the Organic Baby Lotion Infused with Calendula and Herbal Extracts


Babies are known to have a very delicate skin and it has the tendency to easily lose moisture. In the early stages, some babies have extremely dry skin, especially on the hands and ankles. Thus, most parents use moisturizing baby lotions to protect their skin while keeping it soft, smooth, and healthy.

However, a lot of baby lotions are known to contain dangerous ingredients and chemicals that may cause more harm than good. These toxins are more problematic and may lead to irritations and dryness on your baby’s skin. Bathing your baby with soap can also dry out their skin especially when you do it too often.

Fortunately, there are ways to address your baby’s needs without worrying about the damaging side effects. When choosing a baby lotion, make sure you pick an organic product such as the DermaMed Baby Lotion to ensure that your child is using the best and safest product.


Treat Your Babies Skin with Ease and Soft to the Touch Armor Amazingly Supple Feeling

Shea Butter is an essential ingredient found in natural and non-toxic baby lotions. This natural ingredient comes from the African She Tree and is recognized for its skin soothing properties. Hence, making it one of the most popular constituents of baby lotions.

Calendula oil provides numerous skin benefits. It has antibacterial properties that assist in soothing various types of skin conditions especially in babies.

Essential Oils in this case, chamomile and green tea extracts provide soothing effects to your baby’s skin. Green tea contains antioxidants while chamomile has anti-inflammatory properties that protect the skin from damage.


Treat Your Babies Skin with Ease and Soft to the Touch Armor Amazingly Supple Feeling


Babies need a lot of TLC. When they are young, massaging their arms and legs are part of a parent’s routine. A baby massage provides a ton of benefits. Aside from the positive physical effects, you’ll be able to bond more with your baby which also improves their emotional well-being.

Plus, applying a baby lotion is a great way to add more quality to your baby’s massage. It keeps them calm and relaxed as their body’s circulation is improved.

Most baby lotions are made up of a mixture of oil, water, and tons of toxic ingredients. Some contain chemicals that are considered as allergens while other materials may pose more serious threats. While there have been many debates about these ingredients, parents are better off playing it safe.

Since there is a lot of evidence that points out to the negative effects of conventional lotions, choosing non-toxic baby lotions is perhaps the best solution to avoid any harsh side effects.

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