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ChiSoft Neck Traction Device 1-Layer - Long Velcro Strap


Get The Soothing Relief in Minutes with CHISOFT 1-Layer Inflatable Neck Traction Now!

Are you looking for home neck traction therapy to help relieve you neck pain? if you are staring at the computer monitors all day you probably have neck pain due to poor posture. 

Do you feel that your neck isn't as flexible as before? It's frustrating and annoying to have a stiff and painful neck. It lowers your productivity and it impacts your quality of life.

Luckily ChiSoft® 1-Layer Neck Traction is here to help you get the comfort and relief that you deserve!



Major Benefits ChiSoft® 1 Layer Inflatable Neck Traction Device


   Comfortable, simple and effective: when you use this product you will feel fast relief from pinched nerves, compressed discs, and herniated discs.

   Corrects and help maintains proper neck posture: Having proper neck posture helps to avoid pain and prevent injury. 

   Guaranteed results: Feel relief in a few minutes or your MONEY BACK!

   Relieve stress points: stretch out pressure points in the neck while increase your blood flow for the ultimate relaxation!

   Easy to clean and user friendly: no cords, no plugs, no other complicated stuff! Just a simple, yet intricate product to help you find relief from the pain. Fast inflation provides for faster relief!

   "One size fits most": no need to worry about neck size, as this product is versatile and can fit most necks.

   Three times more air capacity and larger air pump then other models in the market!

   Made of the BEST QUALITY: from fabric cover to rubber air pump, they are all made from durable materials for extended usage.

   Comes with NEW and IMPROVED extended velcro strap: secure the neck traction on your neck and don't worry about it falling off when you move around.

before and after neck traction treatment

What Makes ChiSoft® 1-Layer Neck Traction Better than Generics

ChiSoft® Cervical Traction Device uses high quality materials to gently support your neck and will help you correct your neck posture!

  1. The high quality fabric and rubber used on the device are durable and toxin-free.
  2. While other generic brands have seal leakage, ChiSoft® Neck Traction has improved and resolved the issue.
  3. ChiSoft® Neck Traction uses a bigger rubber air pump to inflate the device much faster than generic brands.
  4. Longer velcro strap than other generic models to fit most neck sizes
  5. With ChiSoft® brand name on the device, you know that you are getting the original, genuine product with much improved quality and features!
  6. Vita Activate has designed and launched ChiSoft neck traction device since 2006!

 neck traction unit CHISOFT


Stop Living in Pain and Start Living Your Life!

Get relief in a matter of minutes!

ChiSoft® Neck Traction with a longer velcro strap makes it easier for you to fasten and tighten the device around your neck. It's the most effective pain relief solution with advanced therapeutic techniques that you have been searching for! 

A proven product used by over 16,590 customers! It's easy to use with fast results. It's air-inflated cushion are sturdy and versatile, so less chance to get leakage than other older models in the market. 


Health Experts Have Praised our ChiSoft® Products as One That is Reliable and Effective!

Chiropractor Dr. J. Renkens

"ChiSoft® Neck Traction is an innovation to help prevent neck pain caused by poor posture sitting behind the computer and using smartphones for long hours"

Occupational Therapist B. J. Wodaski  

"ChiSoft Neck Traction is a good innovation and I think it's a considerable benefit to my customers and it continues to give them relief from neck. I would recommend your product to anyone"

J. Hill, Director of CaroMont Rehab and Sports Medicine, North Caroline)

"Over the last four months our clinic has had the opportunity to allow our patients to try the ChiSoft Neck Traction. We have received great feedback on the ease of use, immediate relief of muscle tension/neck pain, and convenience. Thanks for allowing us to further benefit our patients rehabilitation needs."

NYS licensed physical therapist A. Huppert, of Back to Sports PT

"My patients love it"  

Package include:

- 1 layer cervical neck traction
-  rubber air tube
-  rubber air pump


    • Weight: .50 lbs
    • Inflatable Layers: 1
    • Adjustable Height: No
    • Material: Velour

    Safety & Pre-Cautions

    -Do not sleep with the Neck Traction

    -Do not use as neck brace

    -Do not use with acute neck strains or sprains

    Get a Pain Free Life and Try one today! 

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