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Acupressure Neck Support Cradle and Massage Cushion - ChiSoft®

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Can’t find the best way to relieve neck and shoulder pain?

Tired of working long days? Constantly performing balancing acts, juggling between being a parent, cooking meals, working overtime shifts in the office, kitchen, and all other places to name? Life is tough, and we often forget to take care of ourselves before completing day-to-day tasks that require strength and energy!

At Vita Activate, we strive to provide our customers with the best possible products to help relieve you from pain and stress! Although coming home from long hours of work can feel draining, we want to ensure that before you end the day, your body’s muscles feel relaxed and at ease.

So if you’ve been experiencing neck and shoulder pain, or are simply looking for a device that relieves painful, and sometimes chronic, muscle tension, you’ve found the right place! Introducing the CHISOFT Acupressure Neck Support Cradle, made from silicon! You’ll fall in love with this pillow-like device, as it will provide you with relief in as little as 15 minutes!


Benefits of the Acupressure Neck Support Cradle

 Gently stretches stiff and tense neck and shoulder muscles around the vertebrae of the spine

 Reduces pain from pinched nerves

 Naturally improves your posture and re-aligns cervical spine by gently expanding the space between your neck and vertebrae

 Effectively relieves neck and shoulders

 Softly cradles the base of your skull by supporting

Special Features

Why choose the CHISOFT Acupressure Neck Support Cradle?
At Vita Activate, we strongly believe in providing everyone with the chance to live healthier lives; whether it be from the mind or body! We understand how stressful life can be. Between driving around to take the kids to soccer practice, cooking hot meals in the kitchen for family to enjoy, and topping all of that with working? There are many days where we simply just need to pause for a moment and take breaks.

 Soft silicon material is a perfect suit for your comfort needs!

 Cradle is perfectly shaped to relieve tension on your muscles to support your neck and shoulders. You won’t find a better neck pain relief device than this one!

 The shape of the cushion is curved to gently hold your neck and provide relief to any form of pain.

Tips for Use

The CHISOFT Acupressure Neck Support Cradle can be adjusted for your comfort! You could use it while laying on your yoga mat, on the carpet, or on the floor. Other options are to use it sitting down while enjoying a book with a cup of tea in your hand. This pillow is designed for your convenience, and may be used in any way that suits your preferences. Relief starts here, so get yours today!

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