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Comfortable Neck Support Pillow and Cradle for Instant Relief - ChiSoft®

Frustrated of Neck Spasms and Tense Muscles?

Coming home from a long stressful day at work, getting rest is the first thing on everyone’s mind! Whether you were sitting at the desk for hours on end, building on the construction site, or running around the kitchen at the restaurant, there’s nothing better than finding some downtime to relax! Yet, many of us aren’t able to fully unbend at the end of these long and stressful days. Our neck and shoulders constantly feel stiff, and muscles very tense. So where can you find a solution for this?

Look no further, because today is going to change your luck. We’re here to offer you the most comfortable tool for pain and muscle relief! The CHISOFT Neck Support Cradle acts as a pillow that is designed to perfectly hold your neck while sitting up or laying down! Wave goodbye to frustrating neck pain, and say hello to a happier and healthier neck and posture!

Benefits of Using this Innovative Neck Muscle Relief Cradle

 Use it sitting down while watching television, working in front of the computer at work, or driving OR laying on a flat surface at home for the optimal relaxation experience!

 Muscle relief in as little as 15 minutes!

 Improved posture

 Effectively relieves neck and shoulders

Special Features

Why choose the CHISOFT Neck Support Cradle? What makes it so special and unique?

At Vita Activate, we strongly believe in providing everyone with the chance to live healthier lives; whether it be from the mind or body! We understand how stressful life can be. Between driving around to take the kids to soccer practice, cooking hot meals in the kitchen for family to enjoy, and topping all of that with working? There are many days where we simply just need to pause for a moment and take breaks.

 Heavenly pillow padding is made of soft and foam-like cushion, which provides your muscles with the comfort and relief you’ve been waiting for! Relief starts here, in the comfort of your own home!

 Cradle is perfectly shaped to relieve tension on your muscles to support your neck and shoulders

 Made of durable and long-lasting materials that will save you money and rid costly trips to the salon.

Customer Reviews

“I use this device every night after a long day of commuting and working. I fall asleep in minutes [though not recommended by the manufacturer]. I bought another for my wife.”

“It's quite comfortable… a gentle traction by simply laying on this at this angle. I will continue to use it as it's simple to use and put away, why not! Long term will be the test, and it's not like it's a lot of money for neck pain relief.”

“This device actually works. I am pleased with my results… it functions as described. It has helped to relieve the pain I get in my neck from looking down so much. It is a great addition to my self health. It even works with my inversion table.”

Tips for Use

The CHISOFT Neck Support Cradle can be adjusted for your comfort! You could use it while laying on your yoga mat, on the carpet, or on the floor! Other options are to use it sitting down while enjoying a book with a cup of tea in your hand! This pillow is designed for your convenience, and may be used in any way that suits your preferences!

Customer Reviews

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