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ChiSoft® Kneading Neck & Shoulder Massager

ChiSoft® Neck & Shoulder Massager for Soothing Massage and Muscle Pain Relief

Shoulder pains can be a frustrating experience especially if it occurs throughout the day. Your productivity will lower and your lifestyle quality will suffer because you are focusing more on the aches and soreness instead of things that are far more important to you.

Luckily, ChiSoft® Heated Kneading Neck & Shoulder Massager can bring the relief that you desire. It is simple and effective to use.

A true Shiatsu kneading massager with comforting heat – this is genuinely comparable to a deep tissue massage. While designed for neck and shoulder areas, this massager is very versatile and can target much more areas. It also works wonders on sore lower back and hips. It can even be used for thighs, calves, and feet!

ChiSoft® Kneading Neck & Shoulder Massager

Major benefits of ChiSoft® Neck & Shoulder Massager

neck shoulder massager Why break the bank with $100 or more spa treatments? Try this powerful neck and shoulder massager. The unique gear design and ergonomic kneading balls provide the ultimate pain relief. 

Get an affordable Shiatsu-like massage right in the comfort of your home! Professional results in just minutes of using ChiSoft® Heated Kneading Shoulder Massager. Turn on the heat for extra relaxation and deeper soothing relief from muscle tensions. Grab a soothing cup of your favorite drink, turn down the light, put on some meditative music and you know you are in an amazing session of unparalleled comfort and therapeutic healing.

No more requests from friends or family to help you. ChiSoft® Heated Kneading Shoulder Massager is easy to use without the need of an additional person. 

Convenience just for you. Whether at home or traveling, ChiSoft® Heated Kneading Shoulder Massager is easy to store and carry. The included car adapter further ensures you get continued spa-like massage treatment even when you are on the road!

The easy-to-reach integrated controls let you choose just massage or massage with soothing heat. Comfortable strap flex handles let you customize the intensity of the massage. Large coverage area targets neck and gets the shoulders as well at the same time!


Amazing features that are specifically designed to release muscle tensions

 Kneading massager with heat. Gentle and soothing heat radiates from the massager to seep deep into your muscles and releases tensions.  
 Two massage directions. Single button to change the rotation direction so that your tensed up muscles can be properly kneaded to bring energy back into your body!
 8 kneading rollers. Multiple roller balls target multiple areas on your shoulders and neck to increase wider soothing effect.
 Easy to access controls. Simple controls are available right at your fingertips on the left side of the Shoulder Massager.
 Automatic shut down. The Shoulder Massager automatically shuts down after 10 minutes of usage to prevent injury and to save power. Even in the event of forgetting to turn off the machine, this extra feature is a safeguard to prevent overheating of the motors.

Why is this product the best in the market?


Here are a few key points why you should get ChiSoft® Heated Kneading Shoulder Massager. The high premium leather-like quality ensures the longevity of the product life cycle. It includes AC adapter (110-220V AC to 12V DC) for home or office. Also, the car adapter (12V DC) is a sweet addition for use in car! Say goodbye to long road trips where you feel lethargic. 

Usage and directions

  1. Sitting in a comfortable chair without slouching too much, gently place the shoulder massager over your shoulders and turn on the power.
  2. To get a deeper massage, pull down harder on the straps.
  3. Move the massager by adjusting the sleeves to reposition the kneading massage balls to work on any part of your body. 
  4. Press the heat button to activate the heating feature for extra soothing relief. Press it again to turn off the heating feature.


Areas on where to target and pinpoint muscle aches. Be sure to secure it closely to the formations of your body to properly operate this machine.

how to use shoulder massager

Keep In Mind when Using Neck Shoulder Massager

A friendly reminder: Prolonged massage may increase the chance of injury. Do not pull down too hard on the straps as it may further increase the risk of additional injuries to your muscles and tendons. Make sure the device is stored safely and away from children as it is heavy and contain moving parts.


Dimension: 22x20x7 inches
Weight: 3.6lbs

Package include

x1 AC adapter(110-220V AC to 12V DC)
x1 car adapter (12V DC)

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