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Shiatsu Neck Massager Stick Roller - ChiSoft®

ChiSoft® Neck Massager Stick Roller

Looking for an antidote for your soreness?

This is your answer. We know dealing with everyday muscle pain is annoying. But finding a remedy for it is a breeze with the Hand Held Stick Massager. This product is designed with comfort in mind. Unlike the clunky and overweight machine massagers this one is lightweight, portable and easy to assemble. There are only a few parts that come with this product and this is an easy fix if you are suffering from arthritis pain, muscle joint stiffness, and coldness in your tissues and tendons. This will put you in physical calmness and ease. Purchase this today with a free glove and purse hanger!

ChiSoft Body Massager Stick Roller

Suggested Recommendations

For optimal use of this product here are a few suggested ways of massaging the lower back, shoulder, neck, and leg area. There's more ways than to use the stick massager, these are by far the top best ways.

1. Lower Back                       
Relieving tension in the lower back is beneficial for when you are working for example in a construction site or a grocery store which involves heavy lifting. Repeatedly doing these actions require you to use your lower back muscles and sometimes nerves and tendons will be affected resulting in pain.   

2. Neck                               
You may be an avid texter, bookworm or laptop user. And this can be the main factor of why you are having neck aches and discomfort. Slowly, go along the surface of the neck where you feel the most irritated and massage gently inwards.

3. Legs                              
Taking good care of your legs is important because they are the crucial body parts that move you from point A to point B. wherever your destination may be if you have a hard time walking. It's time to address this misery. You may have sciatica or arthritis in your leg. And in many cases this may get worse if left untreated. Rub the platform of your skin mildly using the two golf balls squeezing it tight as to your liking.

4. Shoulders                                  
Treating the shoulders daily of from exhaustion result to faster range of motion and it will loosen up the built up the nerve endings. Improving posture and reducing inflammation.

How to use Shiatsu Body Massager Stick Roller


Product Description

Properties: Massager
Type: Full Body (Neck, Leg, Arm, Shoulder, Waist)
Certificate: CE
Model Number: 12158
Size: 21 x 9.3 x 5.6cm
Material: Plastic, String, Rubber
Dimension: 80 x 4.5 x 3cm
Weight: 1.5lb

Safety & Cautions

-Make sure your surroundings are clear when attempting to use
-NEVER pull back the two handles in the opposite direction in front of your head for it can cause serious injury
-Parental guidance is needed when children take hold, do not let them manipulate it as a toy
-Avoid excessive pressure may result to damaged or bruised surface of the body
-Do not slam this device against any hard exteriors, it will break

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