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Survival Gear - Emergency Survival Kit - Marine

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Training and preparedness go hand in hand

marine emergency

For fellow soldiers or even people that want to train their physical body, they know that going to rural areas can sometimes require additional preparation. It doesn't matter if you are doing it for the professions that you are in or for leisure purposes, being prepared ahead of time with one of our Guardian Survival Gear - Marine Safety Kit can ensure your protection and safety.

Many people have become complacent with well-marked trails and don't have the proper gear. Every year, people have gotten lost in the mountains or in rural areas because they have mixed up their bearings. It is this critical moment that having a safety kit is the smartest decision that you've ever made, as you are not preparing for the usual circumstances, you are preparing for the most unlikely, worst case scenario.

Part of the training is to know how to take care of yourself


Routine training both mentally and physically isn't just about how you can attain your goal for the day. Being able to take care of yourself should be number one priority. A healthy body is supplemented by a robust fallback plan in the worst case scenario of getting stranded somewhere.

You need to be prepared for at least 24 hours of lone survival until a rescue team can get to you.

What this Marine Safety Kit offers:

Playing Cards

107 Piece First Aid Kit
Bug Repellant
x2 Medi-Meclizine 25mg (Dramamine)
x10 Packets of Sunscreen
x3 Sting Relief
2400 calorie bar
x2 Strips of Water Purification Tablets
5 Liter Water Carrier
x6 Water Pouches
x2 Bright Sticks
Help flag
5 in 1 whistle
Waterproof flashlight
Waterproof Matches
x2 Mylar Blankets
Roll of Duct tape
Multi-Function Tool
Tube Repair Kit
Tow Rope
x5 Trash Bags

What Hunter's Deluxe Survival Kit offers:

Weight: 10lbs

Dimensions (length x width x height): 10" x 9" x 14"

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