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Lunch Box Two-Tier Round Shape

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Stacking Two-Tier Tiffin Lunch Box

SpaSens Lunch Box Round Shape

Simple, basic, easy to use, convenient, and easy to clean - that is the name of the game here with our Portable Two Layer Lunch Box - Round.

Packing your lunch doesn't have to result in multiple utensils, containers, and other accessories big and small. It should be quick and direct while ensuring your food remains as fresh and as tasty until lunch time. Your morning preparation needs to be as efficient as possible and our lunch box makes sure it gives you that result while remain affordable without sacrificing quality.

Packing your lunch made easy with this thermos lunch box

The stainless steel interior of this insulated lunch box makes sure that your food's warmth is retained for as long as possible while preventing contaminants from seeping in. If the interior was made up of pure plastic, then the chemical within the plastic will slowly diffuse into your food. Overtime, not only will the flavor of your food degrade but your health will also be impacted.

Stainless steel design also makes cleaning and washing the lunch box trouble-free. Stains from food and sauces will not stick on the metallic surface, letting you have a peace of mind knowing that this lunch box can retain its original color and quality for many months to come!

The dual layer feature of this lunch box provides the much-needed space for a wide assortment of food. It ensures that you can have the option of separating delicacies that may have an unwanted flavor if mixed together. You will be able to fully enjoy your meal during lunch time and will be able to tackle on the remaining hours of the day with a satisfied palate and stomach!

Lunch Box Features

Perfect for school or work use

BPA Free

Two layer design allows you to separate your food

Locks securely fasten both compartments together

Dishwasher and freezer safe

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