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Lunch Jar Large Capacity Stainless Steel

Great for those days of highest indulgence

Let's face it: There are times when we just want to eat to our heart's content. The days when we've spent hours in the office trying to catch up on our work may require substantial nutrients. Studies have shown that up to 20 percent of our entire body's energy goes to the brain. So just imagine having to crunch those numbers for hours at a time while staring at the computer screens analyzing all those data - wouldn't you feel exhausted and hungry when lunch time comes around?

Well, for firstly, forget about the so-called food coma! And secondly, let yourself embrace the delightful food you've worked so hard for!

SpaSens Lunch Box

A lunch can be an important meal too, especially when you've skipped breakfast. A body needs nutrients for fuel and as a person who may be at work, you definitely need to have a full meal at lunch to last yourself until the end of the day! But it doesn't have to be limited to just working people; what about outdoor activities where you will be burning a lot of calories and your body will require enough food to restore itself to full energy?

Our Basic Large Capacity Stainless Steel Lunch Jar not only is made up of high quality materials but it also provides the space needed to pack in that extra amount of food you've so desired and craved!

With easy-remove compartment at the top that you can use to store vegetables and other small pieces of fruits, the bottom section of the lunch jar is where the soul of the product is. Incredible spacious room with stainless steel interior gives you the freedom to let your food ideas run wild. Pasta? Rice? Noodles? Simple sandwiches? Or what about some salads or other fresh seasonal veggies? The choice are endless and you are only limited by your imagine as to what you want to eat for lunch!

Because of the extreme capacity of this lunch jar, we understand that some people may feel overwhelmed eating from the jar. So the cap of the lunch jar also serves as a portable bowl. The interior material is the same stainless steel, so you won't have to worry about the safety of your food and the difficulty of cleaning. This entire lunch jar is so simple to use, so easy to carry, and so convenient to clean that not only is it affordable, the amount of value you are getting in return is incredible!


* Large capacity - lets you fully enjoy your food at a level of quantity that is unlike any other

* Stainless steel interior - prevents rust from forming and gives you the ease and convenience of cleaning

* Portable and durable - the size of the lunch jar is not so big as to being an eyesore; the exterior material and design give an extra layer of protection to extend the life of the lunch jar

* Easy-remove upper tray - place your favourite after-meal treat in there while the core part of your lunch rests at the bottom of the tray

* Portable versatile upper cap - serves as a bowl for those that don't want to eat from the jar directly

SpaSens Lunch Box Lock

* Convenient carry-handle - why fumble with the lunch jar and risk breaking it on the floor when you can use the foldable handles to carry it?

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