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Best Ultra Lightweight 4 Person Tent for Every Trip

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Sleep Under the Stars in the Best Lightweight 4-Person Backpacking Tent!

After an exhausting day of hiking, paddling, and a load of other activities that drained all of your energy, the only thing you’ll want is a comfortable place to rest. Whether it be a warm and humid day, or a cool and rainy night, your home away from home is the most important thing that protects you from the elements when you need a break!

The Winterial Live 4-person is more than simply an entry-level tent that houses you and your friends or family during camping season. In fact, you’ll be amazed at how it suits to your camping needs! At just 4.4 lb, this lightweight tent is perfect for backpacking enthusiasts, as it has high ventilation, a waterproof bottom to protect from soaking in rain, and the vestibule for storing gear!

The Best Ultra Lightweight 4 Person Tent for Every Trip

Benefits of the Easiest Backpacking Tent, Ever!

  Lightweight and compact

  Ample headspace and elbow-room for four people

  Quick and easy set-up

  Strong and sturdy poles

  Waterproof rain-fly and durable tent material keeps the inside walls warm and dry

  Large double doors on two sides for convenient entry, AND for enjoying beautiful views from the cozy inside

  Perfect for the backpacking and camping enthusiasts, or occasional camping trips for everyone!

Finding the perfect tent can be hard! It means finding the right type of tent, having enough space for your fellow campers, and vestibules to store your things at night! Well, look no further, because the best tent you’ll ever find is right under your nose!

The Winterial Live 4-Person tent is the only tent you’ll ever need - the perfect portable place to rest on camping escapades! We know that after a long day of hiking and other activities in the backcountry can be strenuous and exhausting. The only thing you want after an exhausting day is a comfy place to rest - your shelter for the trip!

Sleep under the shining stars in the beauty of nature in this cozy home away from home.

The Best Ultra Lightweight 4 Person Tent for Every Trip

Special Features

Everyone loves a lightweight, durable, and waterproof-bottom tent that does way more than protect you from the elements. Here are just a few of the features that satisfy all of your tent-camping needs!

  WEIGHT: 4.4 lb

  VENTILATION: Two double-layered zippered doors with mesh screens

  DIMENSIONS: 82’’ long x 64’’ wide x 46’’ tall

  SLEEPS: Four adults

  MATERIAL: Quick-drying nylon

Customer Reviews



Amazing tent. Super compact and light-weight. Tents of this quality usually go for a couple hundred!



Stefan Schurter

Excellent tent for 3 season. We use it for the wife and I, both for a light hike (say 4 hrs) and longer stays when we drive up with the car and stay for a few nights. It's not a 4 person tent, if you want to keep shoes and pack inside, but comfortable for 2. It's too heavy for 8 hr hikes, but that's not what it's designed for. Good value, great quality, good for rain and wind. Easy set-up. good for kids and adults alike. Highly recommend, and we have been camping for 40 years. GO CAMPING!



Q: I'm seriously considering purchasing your 4 person camping tent. There are 2 entrances. Are there 2 tent doors with zippers to close each? Also, I assume one is in the front and the other directly in the rear (not the side like some models). Correct?

A: Yes, both doors and across from each other with zippers down the side!


Q: The photo shows a vestibule near the front door enclosed by the fly. Does the rear door have a vestibule as well or does the fly just zip open without a vestibule like the front does and, if so, is it the same length as the rest of the fly?

A: Definitely! The rainfly goes to the ground on each end, with the front having a split door fly that can be rolled up! In the back door the fly zips up the middle.


Tips for Use

  Take good care of the waterproof rain-fly by spraying it with spray-on waterproofing treatment designed for tent and other camping gear (ex. Water repellent)

  Avoid machine washing and drying

  Clean tent zippers, poles and tips after using

  Allow to air-dry after use

The Best Ultra Lightweight 4 Person Tent for Every Trip

Package Includes

  Waterproof rain-fly AND vestibule, no condensation on the inside walls when you wake up in the morning!

  Waterproof bottom to keep you dry

  2 Aluminum-Tipped Poles

  4 Tent Stakes

  Carrying bag with handles

So what are you waiting for? Camping season is just around the corner, so don’t miss out on this low-price elite 4-person tent that you can use to your heart’s desire whenever and wherever!

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