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Vita Activate® Leg-Step Resistance Band

Vita Activate

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Enjoy the Benefits of Using the Leg-Step Resistance Band w/ Handle By VitActivate®

The revolutionary design incorporates the leg-step pedal made of thick foam to replicate barefoot movement for a more comfortable training session! Built with the best quality materials and enhanced through strong and durable springs to endure long-term and frequent use.

The resistance band is a stretching and toning piece of exercise equipment with a strong rubber tubing between the handle and the foot pegs

If you've never tried resistance band training you will be surprised by how much benefit you can get from it! As often is the case with exercise, the simplest tools are often the very best for your health!

Resistance band

10 Benefits of Adding Resistance Bands to Your Workout

1.) Incredibly Cost-Effective

2.)Adaptable for Multiple Fitness Levels

3.)Used with Familiar Exercises

4.)Whole-Body Exercises

5.)Save on Storage Space

6.)Excellent for Travelling

7.)Add Variety

8.)Easy to Use Alone

9.)Can Be Combined with Other Equipment

10.)An Effective Workout

So, while weight-bearing exercise, like resistance or strength training, can go a long way to prevent the loss of bone quality and density, and can help reverse the damage already done, interestingly enough, strength training also has brain-boosting side effects, which can help you avoid age-related dementia. You can use either gym equipment, resistance bands, free weights or a combination for your workouts. Gym equipment or resistance bands may be safer if you're a novice, as free weights will require better form and control. Whichever one you choose, I recommend having a trainer take you through each exercise to make sure you have the proper form performing the exercise, to avoid injury.

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