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Rechargeable LED Silicon Camping Lamp

Camping Season Is Here, Are You Prepared?

You may be reading this and thinking, no I’m not ready for what this summer has to bring I need help! Or you may have an opposite response. But whatever the case is for you, the LED Multi function Lamp has caught your curiosity.

We can bet that this product can beat anything you have on your camping list and inside your home. Why? Well, for multiple reasons. Foremost, it has various features and benefits that have never been conjured up before. Depending on your individual specific requisites this product may be your solution for your endeavors.  

For the everyday traveler we immediately assume the fewer the baggage’s they have to carry the better. No one will ever say “I want to bring as many things as possible for a comfortable experience.” The lighter the load the easier the burden, correct. So, we have heard your needs and have taken them into account.

LED Camping Light

It Gives Your More Than Light, You Even Store Items Inside the Silicon Lamp

This product provides accessibility for when in need of storage for your valuables for example car keys, credit cards, and jewelry. It’s also a source for light no hassles for battery operated bulky flashlights and it comes with a built in compass if you can relate to yourself being the outdoor wanderer type. You wouldn’t be reliant and worry about using your phone as a guide because you will most likely be in a place where there is no service. I think it is safe to say that in case of an emergency this will be a lifesaver. It has an emergency light featured if you ever find yourself in a dire situation out in the wilderness.

Unique Features of SpaSens® Camping Lamp

Uniquely designed to suit your needs!

Light Switch for 3 Different Settings
Press 1st, soft white light on
Press 2nd, brighter light on
Press 3rd, flashing light on
Press 4th, light off

The indicator light is red when charging and the green light is on after full charging

Storage Space
The space inside the lamp is vacant allowing you to store important items (keys, wallet, band-aids, cash, hand lotions, toothbrush, cellular phones and so on)

large storage of spasens camping led light

It has a compass located at the top of the lamp to support in finding your destination

Key Function
Fold-able base so when not in use you can tuck it neatly aside in safe keeping


-Make sure to fully charge before using
-Do not disassemble the internal device to avoid damaging the product
-Place the product in a dry environment when not in use
-Do not allow children to play with the lamp or use it as a toy


spasens LED lamp specs

    Item Number: LJC-100
    Material: ABS, Silicon
    Power: 0.75W
    Battery Capacity: 1000MA Li-Polymer

    Color: Green and white

    Try one today! You can get it here for only $14.99!

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