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SpaSens® Large 5L Capacity Anion Air Humidifier


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Clean Air Brings You the Wellness and Happiness that You Deserve

It's here, finally! The humidifier that has special features which provides you the fresh air to rejuvenate your health! High quality design with years of research, this is a premium level humidifier that will bring you the fresh, deep forest serenity back into your house! A world of comfort and relaxation is readily available for you at an affordable price where dry air will not attack your nose again, where allergens can be kept in check, where airborne viruses and bacteria can be further reduced.

Ultrasonic Anion Filter Humidifier vs. The Generics

last for 24 hours humidifier

1. Regular air humidifiers are simple motors and simple designs that disperse mists through the room. But our product has a carbon filter that actually filters out allergens and other contaminants effectively, giving you a breath of fresh air that you deserve!

2. Our product has ultrasonic mist feature producing up to 1,000,000 times per second of high frequency oscillation, effectively generating 1 to 5 microns of ultrafine mist particles through the air. Some similar brands are not able to produce such result.

3. Operation time of 10 hours or more 5L large capacity tank means you don't need to wake up in the middle of the night to refill the humidifier. While other generic brands are lower in cost, they are also smaller in size, which increases the level of inconvenience for you!

4. Larger mist spray provides result much more quickly than other similar products. Why spend the hours staring at ineffective nozzles on lower quality humidifiers when you can get our product to provide the result that you want at twice the speed?

5. Negative ion feature ensures that your body retains the health while promoting an enhanced wellness in your home. Say what you will, negative ions are most abundant in forests and near waterfalls. This is why you feel much more relaxed and re-energized when you visit these utopian places, away from the stress and the pollutants of modern cities!

6. Safety feature is available to automatically turn off the humidifier when water level is too low.

7. Developed in Korea, you can sleep knowing that the features and the design of this humidifier are taken with greatest care where every detail is not neglected!

A great air humidifier to alleviate your nose woes

large capacity anion humidifier

When dry air invades your home, not only will static electricity increase but so does the amount of allergens and contaminants that float in the air. The pollutants that are unable to settle down to the ground level due to a lack of humidity can potentially irritate your nose.

Your nose produces mucus daily to trap foreign particles and dust. However, if the air humidity is too low, your nose dries out and this can increase the risk of nose bleed and nose infection. Common cold can also be caught when the mucus and fine hair in your nostrils are unable to effectively trap the bacteria or viruses.

In order to reduce the risk of uncomfortable, burning sensation in your nose, humidifiers are often used to ensure bedrooms have proper amount of water droplets in the air. This provides the comfort and relief of the nose, which can further promote a better, undisturbed sleep at night.

At the same time, most humidifiers have ignored the fact that some micro allergens and irritants can still hover in the air. Their design is built so that only mist is dispersed but doesn't factor in air quality. That is why our humidifier can be considered as an affordable, premium humidifier product because with the carbon sponge-like material filtering out bad air, you can be assured that pollutants will not bother you as much as before!


  • 5L large water tank capacity
  • Easy to use spray settings
  • Automatically low-water shut off safety
  • High performance carbon mesh
  • Produces anions for additional wellness
  • Ultrasonic silent operation (Under 35dB)
  • Last for more than 10 hours
  • LED atmospheric lighting



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