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Keto Snack - Hemp Protein Supplement Bar (6-Pack) - Vanilla Cheesecake

Keto Bar for Ketogenic Dieters No Added Sugar Low in Carbs Gluten Free for Weight Management and Physical Workout Support 100% Made in Canada

Keto-Friendly Diet Supports Metabolism

This high in fat diet provides countless health benefits. If you have spiking blood sugar this diet is for you. It will help you reduce insulin and blood sugar. Balancing it to a healthier new you. Vegan brownie texture is to die for. It feels like a guilty pleasure all in a to-go quick snack. This snack only contains 1 gram of sugar, and 10 grams protein.

Get Energized with No Added Sugar Optimum Physical Performance

Snacked on by Keto lovers everywhere to better your health. In the bar mixer we’ve chosen the highest quality of ingredients. The dazzling Hemp Seeds add an extra punch to your taste buds, letting you enjoy adding energy to your body with every bite. Have it before or after a pre or post workout, good for the body. Having a wonderfully chewy texture that is highly digestible. The ability to be easily digested comes from its incredible range of quickly-absorbable amino acids and probiotics. A great source of fiber, soluble and insoluble fats, essential fatty acids. Can be eaten quickly, even on the go! Super nutrients enough to provide you with significant health benefits you deserve.

Very Low In Carbs and Gluten Free Quality Ingredients

Efficient in burning the fat within your body to dilute all the toxic wastes that are consumed by eating foods that are above and beyond your carbohydrates intake. Replacing fat with the carbohydrates is a great way to go. Lessening your carbohydrates in take by producing ketones within the liver to be utilized as energy is a great way to enjoy physical optimum strength within yourself. It allows the body to burn excess fat in replacement of carbohydrates.

Supports Ketogenic Macro Nutrition For Mental Focus

Increasing ketones has never been easier. This diet ultimately and safely lets you lose the extra pounds without the stress. The snack bars are 100% manufactured in Canada, with the best quality ingredients that nature offers. Infused with Hemp Seeds that are rich in healthy polyunsaturated fat that will promote cardiovascular health and reduces inflammation. Abundance of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber, is complete protein combined with healthy fats in a rare but perfect balance perfect in every way for your optimum nutrition.

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