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Jade Heating Pad - UTK Far Infrared Heat Mat - Small

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Working at the Desk Has Never Been So Comfortable!

How much time do you spend sitting at the front of the computer all day, either at work or at home? How many times do you feel so tired that your neck, back, and shoulders ache like there’s no tomorrow? Looking for a solution? Search no further because here is the one and only product you’ll ever need to relieve pain and discomfort from sore muscles!

Introducing the all-new Far Infrared Natural Jade Heating Pad! It’s the best new way to maximize comfort at the desk. Any pain or tension will be non-existent after using this device!

UTK infrared heat mat-small

Benefits of the Far Infrared Natural Jade Heating Pad

Muscle and joint pain is a common problem we all face. Reasons for muscle and joint pain can vary from fatigue to bad circulation of blood in joints and muscles. Whatever the reason, the pains can be dangerous especially while driving or operating machinery. The pain also tends to be a bit difficult to ease. It is where the UTK Far Infrared Natural Jade Heating Pad comes in handy.


  • Relief from minor sprains and strains
  • Reduces back muscle pain
  • Provide relief from muscles spasms
  • Boosts blood circulation where it is applied
  • Remedy for joint pains
  • Relaxes muscles
  • Helps to lessen stiffness in muscles and joints

Special Features You’ll Love

UTK Far Infrared Natural Jade Heating Pad has key features that make it easy to use and safe. These include

  • The heating pad is a flexible pad that can be wrapped around a body part. It can also be lied on or sat on top of.
  • The pad has sufficient warm heat that includes natural jade stones.
  • Heating pad has a 4-Hour auto shut-off, which conserves energy and prevents burns caused by extreme heating.
  • Multiple heat settings. The heating pad has a LED controller that you can adjust the temperature configuration. The temperature varies from 103F - 159F with 1 F increments. With the controller, you can select from warm to high based on your preference.
  • Time settings: With the LED controller you’ll have 15-minute increments, which in turn can adjust time settings to up to 4 hours!
  • Heating pad has a convenient 8.5-foot long cord. This feature makes it simpler to use from the comfort of your seat, bed or floor without having to come across difficulties.
  • The pad comes with a premium travel bag. While not in use you can place the heating pad in this bag. The bag is also useful to carry around the heating pad.
  • The heating pad also has a memory function that is situated in the LED controller.
  • The amount of voltage makes the UTK Jade Heating Pad compatible and useful wherever you travel!

From the above-stated features, it is safe to say the UTK Far Infrared Natural Jade Heating Pad was manufactured with the consumers' comfort and ease of use being of high priority. The safety of the user was also considered for the inclusion of the auto shut-off.

The heating pad is sturdy and made of durable materials. Thus the pad can be used for over an extended period.


Tips and Instructional Use

The  Far Infrared Natural Jade Heating Pad comes with easy to follow instructions making it usable by everyone.

  1. Plug the heating pad into a wall outlet and then turn the switch on
  2. Turn the pad on by pressing the power button on the control panel. The LED light indicator will appear.
  3. Sit at your desk, on the bed, couch or anywhere convenient for you in the most comfortable position of your choice. The position though will be determined by the body part that you would like to wrap around the heating pad.
  4. Now place the heat pad on the body part that is in need
  5. Have the control panel in your hand at all times so as to adjust the temperature and also the time.
  6. To turn off press the power button until the indicator light goes off. Then turn the wall outlet switch off, then plug out the cord.

    Tips and Instructional Use

    Safety precautions should always be followed and paid much attention to. It is to avoid accidents around the house or even office. Precautions to take are listed below.

    • Keep heating pad attended; power off when not in use
    • Always turn the pad off after use
    • Keep out of children's reach
    • Maintain the heating pad away from water while in use and when not in use.

    Note that some muscle and joint pains are beyond the remedy offered by the heating pad. Therefore a doctor's assistance is needed in such a case.


    Dimensions: 15 inches x 19 inches x 0.5 inches

    Weight: 1.05 kgs (2.3lbs)

    60 natural jade stones for maximum heat penetration

    Power Cord: 8.5 Ft (70 inches plugged and 31 inches connected to the pad)

    Jade stones area: Approx. 9 inches by 15 inches

    Wattage: 66 watts

    Standard voltage: AC 110- 120 volts and AC 220-240 volts

    Package Includes

    • FREE Travel Neck Pillow!
    • 1 Velcro strap
    • 1 AC Adapter
    • 1 Control panel
    • 1 Cord
    • Instruction Manual

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