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Ionic Hair Brush - Get Soft Beautiful Hair - Fyola®

Here's How You can Have Soft, Anti-Scald, And Anti-Frizz Hair

Long hair, short hair, doesn't matter; we're pretty sure you've experienced the days when you saw your hair puffing up in a huge mess after using the hair brush. It's difficult to retain the softness and the style of your hair when the static electricity accumulating on your hair brush is interfering with your morning groom, costing you valuable time and energy.

Fyola Hair Brush Specifications

As a company aiming to bring convenience back to our customers' lifestyle, we've brought in this unique Negative Ion Hair Brush!

Let the gentle freshness of early spring caress over your hair and enjoy the uplifting softness and style that will wow your friends and family!

How Negative Ions Purify Your Mood And Your Body

Negative ions are unique little things that can effectively reduce allergens, bacteria and viruses lingering in the air. They filter out the harmful substances in the air by attaching themselves to the nano pollutants, forcing the contaminants to fall to the nearest surface.

In the forests and near the waterfalls area, negative ions are highly abundant. They have been known to revitalize people's body which further enhance the mood by providing an outer-worldly sensation of complete relaxation and freshness.

By using this concept, our Negative Ion Hair Brush produces the beneficial negative ions that gently seep into your scalp while generating an anti-static effect for that gorgeous-looking hairstyle you've always wanted!

Affordable Fyola Ionic Hair Brush With Multiple Benefits

 Effectively removes makeup 90% more effective than using your hands manually.

 Invigorates complexion for a youthful, airbrushed skin texture.

 Alleviates the appearance of wrinkles and lines.

 Helps get rid of lingering dead skin cells.

 Exfoliates and deep cleansing through circular rotation.

 Pulsating sonic action enhances blood flow that provides the skin with a natural glow.

Package includes

- hair brush

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