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Insect Repellent Guard Candle

Insect Repellent Guard Candle

The mosquito/insect bug repellent candle provides long-lasting protection for any outdoor party, by repelling annoying mosquitoes in an area. This releases protection. The heat from the candle activates and repels away nasty bugs around your surrounding. These un-wanted critters will be no match for this insect guard candle!

Other Features & Benefits

Candles are typically known to brighten a dark room, or used as accent to décor, which creates a serene environment, most especially to children while celebrating their birthday. A basket full of candles alongside a holder or bunch of flowers serves as very beautiful gifts. However, candles are presented in varieties, and one of such is the scented candles.

A scented candle is one in which a natural or synthetic material is blended into it in order to release a nice aroma into the atmosphere when burnt. Scented candles are totally exceptional when it comes to matching them up with a random common candle.
Are you looking for the best candle which will suit your every occasion at a point in time? This guide will thrill you to all of the features of a scented candle, leaving you with a clear insight of all you need to know about it.

Fragrance  & Appearance

Fragrance – Without being told, fragrance should be the first thing that comes to our mind when talking about scent. This is a highly rated feature of a scented candle. All scented candles come with sweet smelling fragrances which is totally dependent on what it is made of. This sweet smell is felt filling the atmosphere where it is placed, whilst it is gently burnt. Due to its enchanting aroma, a scented candle is best in creating a romantic environment, as its ambiance takes over the room. A scented candle is much more than just an aroma; it’s a living room uplift, a memory in a jar.

Appearance – Beautiful – a word often used to describe a feminine gender which is irresistible. Using this word to qualify a scented candle is not a disputed fact, as a majority of them comes with features of glowing radiant colors. Show me a bright color and I’ll show you a scented candle. Scented candles are never associated with dull colors, which make them a perfect additional accessory to coordinate with a color scheme.

A healing agent – Sounds odd, yes, but so true. Scented candles are widely distinguished from every other candle not just for its smell and attractive colors, but for its healing power. A mystical feature accompanying a scented candle is the effect its oil has on humans when inhaled. Oils of scented candles usually extracted from fruits, herbs, flowers, trees etc. contains antiviral, antibiotic and so many other therapeutic properties which acts on the olfactory glands when inhaled. These scents provide relief to a variety of ailment.

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