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Infrared Heat Lamp FDA Approved - Effective Chronic Pain Relief

Chronic Pain Relief Needs More Than Painkillers and Medication - This is How Vita Infrared Lamp

chronic pain is gone for a few hours, only to come back again? Consistent consumption of these chemicals aren’t beneficial to your health, either. This cycle is the recipe for frustration, and can be very difficult to cope with. Why add more stress to your life? It’s time for you to make the switch.

At Vita Activate, sharing all opportunities to a new, healthier you is our mission. So we’re here to proudly introduce to you a new and very effective solution to alleviate muscle and body pain. The Infrared Heating Lamp will deliver all the results you need! It shines red light therapy to heal sore and tense muscles, giving you more freedom in movement! 

Benefits of the FDA Approved Infrared Heating Lamp

 Helps heal injuries by alleviating pain from joint injuries and stressed muscles
 Relieves pain, tight muscles, stiff joints, and inflammation
 Improves blood-flow and reduces high blood pressure and hypertension
 Gentle yet effective red light therapy heals and rejuvenates the body
 Cost-friendly method to all of your pain woes
 Toxin release, improves oxygenation and hydration of the tissues
Improved body metabolism facilitates muscle recovery post workout
Faster tissue and wound healing
Relaxed nervous system
Relaxed muscles
 Safe to use, especially around the house
 Lamp is good for relieving pain in hard-to-reach areas of the body, where small hand-held heating devices cannot reach.
Reduced the risk of dermatitis
Reduced back pain and enhanced range of motion


Imagine all the possibilities you could have with improved movement and relief from muscle tension. Imagine how it could change your body for the better! There are so many benefits you can reap from using this FDA-approved infrared heating lamp; just a few of the many are listed below. 
From pain relief to stress reduction, both your mind and body will thank you for using it.  

Why Choose this Unique Vita Activate Infrared Heating Lamp Check out the Remarkable Features

The only FDA-approved infrared heat lamp in the market 
 Lamp legs contain wheels for quick and easy movement around the house or office
 Third generation lamp that is the most reliable and with upgraded quality parts that is ONLY available here at Vita Activate 
 Effective aim at different body parts that needs pain relief with Far Infrared 
 Offers almost-instant pain relief
 Far Infrared Light is popular and scientifically proven method to effectively relieve pain in a natural way, used by many people across the world
Low heat yet highly penetrative rays produced, affordable, economical and durable
Adjustable time control from 0 to 60 minutes and leads to faster treatment and greater effectiveness.
Sufficient and flexible joints to enable single part treatment as well as half-body treatment completely stress-free.
This current model requires no fuse that needs replacement, unlike the older and generic models.
The infrared radiator is scientifically tuned to emit infrared rays of wavelength: 700-1000nm which are the most effective for therapy. These wavelengths alone activate the cytochrome enzyme in mitochondria, which generates ATP.
Long life light bulb included with 110V, 60 Hz and150 Watts


At Vita Activate, we constantly look for ways to help you to improve your life, starting with lessening or eliminating one source of pain to the next. Here are some special features of the Infrared Heating Lamp, with guaranteed natural and effective pain relief.

It's an easy and simple way to get rapid pain relief that will make you want to abandon those small hand-held infrared heating devices piling up in your house. Don't let pain get the most of you; take control of your life, so start by doing it here!

Vita Activate Infrared Therapy Lamp VS Genetic Models

What Health Experts and Patients alike have said about our Infrared Therapy Lamphen it comes to treatment via Infrared Light Therapy, there are several products out there that this can be achieved with. However, as always, the wheel keeps getting re-invented with each newer invention better than the last. Vita Activate Infrared Therapy Lamp works based on the most recent, effect and safe Infrared therapy technology. Our model allows you to relieve muscle pain and improve joint flexibility in as little as 15 minutes per session. Unlike in generic models, single body parts (shoulders, neck, and knee), as well as half-body treatment, is achievable.

Infrared technology is a well-known technology that has been in use for several years now, you can only enjoy its benefits.

Dr. Carson Smith a renowned therapist: "In my many years of practice, I have seen lots and lots of Infrared Therapy Lamps and then I have seen Vita Activate. I love its portability, low heat yet highly penetrative rays, the flexibility which helps focus the rays and the relaxation it offers my patients. I love it and strongly recommend."

Ye Li Ying recommended chiropractor: "I suffered from a grade 2 ankle sprain for months since it happened last Aug when I played volleyball. Tried many other methods which cost me about 300 dollars with a lot of stress! I found this lamp and in less than two weeks I was up on my feet, and played Volley again! I love the fact I can use this lamp at home," 

S. Davis satisfied customer exclaimed: "EXCELLENT! FOR MUSCLE ACHES AND PAINS. Simply EXCELLENT!!! This is one of my favorite items, I use it for relaxation, as well as, healing and muscle aches and pains."

Instructional Use and Tips for Best Results

The Infrared Heating Lamp was designed just for your comfort! It can be placed anywhere in your home, and used at any time you choose. It may be your go-to choice for relaxation at the end of a long day at work, ready to release that tension built up throughout the day. Here are some tips for use:

  • Store in a cool, dry place
  • Keep water and liquids away from Infrared Heating Lamp
  • Ensure children keep a safe distance away from the heating lamp, as it may turn hot
  • So what are you waiting for? Instant pain relief and reduced stress begins right here. 
  • Set Infrared Therapy Lamp in a convenient location where you can easily adjust your body for treatment.
  • Put on the lamp and set the timer. Infrared lamps often induce relaxation and you can fall asleep under the lamp, over treating yourself.
  • Lay or sit 30 to 40 centimeters from the lamp, with it focused on the treatment area.
  • Use the infrared lamp for 5 to 15 minutes per session. In the case of treating head, sinuses or ears, a session should not exceed 10 minutes at a time.

Be Sure to Keep In Mind

NOTE: This therapy should not be used to replace seeking advice from your medical practitioner. There are no warranted medical claims by the utilization of this gadget.

  • The infrared lamp should not be used for tanning, it is not for this purpose.
  • Do not use the lamp in any area of the head for more than 5 to 10 minutes per sessions. 
  • The sessions should be at least 2 hours apart for treatment on the head.
  • Never look directly into the light during treatment. It is best to have your eyes closed when using lamp around the head area.
  • If you feel a burning sensation, change the position of the lamp. 
  • Overheating one spot of the body may lead to a burn.
  • No lotions or essential oils should be applied to the skin before using the lamp. (Oils heat up and could lead to a burn).
  • Keep out of reach of children


Function: Infrared light therapy
Operation time: 5-15 minutes
Adjustable time Control: 0-60 minutes
Voltage: 110V, 60 Hz
Actual power: 150W
Material: Metallic

Package Includes

Infrared Therapy Lamp
Connecting pipes
Control Timer

You might have spent a lot on several other products but, with the Vita Activate Infrared Therapy Lamp, for sure, it is bye-bye for good to your neck, back, knees, shoulders, and chest pains. Give the Vita Activate Infrared Light Therapy Lamp a try and get your pain completely relieved!

If you have got a problem, the Infrared Therapy Lamp G5A will solve it! 

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