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Hiking Hydration Backpack - Camping Outdoor Sports Travel Backpack

Vita Activate

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The ultra-light durable hiking pack will be your best snug fit companion when going on outdoor adventures

Your wishful thinking has brought you here. And you may be sitting there telling yourself what’s so great about this pack?  In regard to your question, there are a lot of beneficial factors concerning this travel bag stay tuned to read more.

Let’s assume you may be the adrenaline junkie who tackles wild, rough, spectacular terrain that this beautiful earth is graced with. Or you may relate to a trail blazer that enjoys minimal, to novice hikes the travel backpack you see here is focused and designed to assist you in carrying necessities that are essential to your daring experiences.

Benefits reveal that this high-quality day pack is the perfect size for climbing camping and various outdoor sports

Ergonomically created to wrap around your shoulders with ease and comfortability
Will securely fasten tightly onto your body with every move you take while hiking, climbing, running etc.
Light-weight, material acts as a waterproof cover for wet seasons
High capacity vessel to carry your wallet, keys, water bottle, compass, extra clothes, first aid kit, food, small tools
It will not only provide as a carrier but will organize your accessories/items properly and neatly
Packable setup
The material will not be abrasive on the skin

    The travel sized, first-rate knapsack is greatly innovated to suit your requirements. When in demand of a good, well working backpack you should look for one that has many different compartments to hold each item and any gears that you may want to bring with you for your future endeavours.

    Added sophisticated features that aid you in your small day to day travels convenient for hydration pack

    Buckle clamps on with security. The capacity size is a substantially vast and can hold 15L. The central pocket compartments arrange your large items and it will stuff and fit appropriately. Zippers are well made so there will be no breakage or accessories falling out of your backpack while traveling.


    Material is water resistant with polyester fabric construction with sufficient space to keep your items for transporting goods. Upper and lower shoulder paddings gives extra comfort and softness. 

    Used for outback countryside exploring, occasional leisure walks in forests or out in nature camping style. Whatever the environment the carry-on portable pack is here to help it is compact enough for traveling and hiking ventures all year round.

    Additional phone compartment for safe keeping and easy to reach access. Gives this bonus feature a must have for quick travels. The webbed material is breathable and manipulative it can also stretch to a certain size for bulky items. Extra webbing gives this concise hydration pack exceedingly versatile features and functions.


      Weight: 0.7kg
      Capacity 15L
      Material 600D Nylon
      Color: Solid

      Package Includes

      x1 backpack

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