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NATERA Hemp Protein Sample Pack

Hemp Protein Sample Pack

Protein is essential for every person to build and maintain lean muscle mass, it assists in repairing feeble tissues and cells while strengthening your immune system with the vitamins and minerals it contains. Other than whole food sources, protein powder is a great source of protein. Hemp Protein can be a great choice for protein lovers. It is whole food, raw and ultra-rich protein loaded with omegas, amino acids, essential fatty acids, fiber, calcium, chlorophyll, and vitamins. Instead of using ordinary supplements, it will be good to include Hemp Protein in your diet.

Package includes: 
•3 Blackberry & Pomegranate Protein Single Serves
•3 Dark Chocolate Hemp Protein Single Serves
•3 Vanilla Hemp Protein Single Serves
•3 Natural Hemp Protein Single Serves

By mixing protein, you can boost the protein content of your beverages. Mix this powder in the pudding, yogurt, baked goods, and cereals. Protein powder is convenient to maintain your regular protein intake without any trouble. Hemp Protein contains branched-chain amino acids. These amino acids are combined essential to combine with an exercise program to prevent the breakdown of muscles and build muscles. Protein powders are extremely delicious; hence, you can choose it to increase the flavor of your meals. Just two tablespoons of Hemp Protein are sufficient for your regular consumption.

Healthy BENEFITS made with 100% Natural Ingredients

Each serving of the Sample Pack Hemp Protein is loaded with the benefits of hemp.
It is sugar-free and its sweetness comes from natural low-glycemic stevia.

Only two tablespoons of hemp protein are sufficient for a day.

Easy to combine with baking, desserts and breakfast food because the powder can be easily dissolved in batters, smoothies, and other foods.

Include in energy bars and breakfast bites to increase their nutritional level. Protein is high in nutritional level and is the best dairy source. It is highly digestible and takes less time to absorb.

Get the Best out of NATERA Sample Pack Hemp Protein

If you want to maintain the freshness of NATERA protein, make sure to store it in a cool and dry place. Sunlight and heat can affect its freshness and quality. Choose a cool place to keep hemp protein. After opening its bottle, you should keep it in your refrigerator. Make sure to use it within 12 months after its manufacturing. Carefully check the manufacturing date on each container.

*It is free of preservatives and artificial additives

Ingredients: 100% Canadian Raw Hemp Protein, 100% Citric Acid, Natural Blackberry and Pomegranate Flavour, Stevia Extract, 100% Cocoa Powder, Stevia Extract, Sodium Chloride, 100% Natural Vanilla Flavour, Stevia Extract, Natural Caramel Flavour

How to Use

If you want to use hemp powder, you can simply mix its two tablespoons in your smoothies or buttermilk. There are numerous items that you can prepare at home with Hemp Protein. You can mix it in the batter of cupcakes, brownies, and cookies. Here is a delicious recipe to use Hemp Protein.

Hemp Protein Brownies

If you want to make delicious treats for your morning or evening workout, you can follow this delicious recipe. These 2-bite brownies are easy to make at home. You can secure these bites in an airtight jar for later use. These are healthy to eat between workouts or after a workout.

Total Time: 17 minutes
Yield: 12 brownies

•Vanilla Hemp Protein: ¼ cup
•Cocoa: 7 tablespoons
•Coconut sugar: 6 tablespoons
•Egg: 1
•Baking powder: 1 teaspoon
•Liquid coconut oil: 3 tablespoons
•Water: 1 tablespoon
•Vanilla extract: 1 teaspoon

1.Preheat your oven to 350°F.
2.Put all ingredients at your room temperature almost ½ hour before starting this procedure.
3.Mix all dry ingredients in a bowl.
4.Mix egg in all dry ingredients with vanilla extract and coconut oil. Stir well.
5.In the end, add 1 tablespoon of water to make batter little thick and smooth.
6.Spoon this batter into mini muffin pan (grease pans before adding batter) and bake in your preheated oven for almost 10 to 12 minutes. Check with a toothpick, if it comes out dry, the brownies are ready.
7.Let them cool and secure in your airtight jar.
Note: In the absence of muffin pan, you can use a 6 – 7-inch pan. Use coconut oil to lightly grease it and pour the whole batter into the pan. Bake for almost 20 to 25 minutes and check with a toothpick.

To start your healthy life, get your stock of Sample Pack Hemp Protein today!

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