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Stainless Steel Travel Mug for Car - Digital Heated 12 Volt DC Power Outlet

Nothing Fortifies You For The Day Ahead Like A Mug Of Fresh, Hot Coffee Or Tea With The Easy-to-use Electric Car Mug

In today’s busy world that means drinking on the go. Hop into your car, drive to work and take a drink only to find a cold and disappointing beverage.  Yuck!  Who wants to start a day’s work like that?  A normal travel mug allows the heat to escape.  But you can make sure your drink stays piping hot throughout your commute with this insulated electric travel mug. 

Unlike some mugs that allow heat to dissipate quickly, the insulated digital travel mug comes with a heating base to keep your drink warm and delicious.  But that is only the beginning.  This travel mug goes beyond warming to actual cooking, bringing liquids to a boil in only 15 minutes.  This gives you the ability to make not only your favorite hot beverage, but also quick snacks such as instant noodles, boiled eggs, and packaged soup.  It’s almost like having a kitchen in your car.

Benefits That Secure Hot Beverages Stay Piping Hot In The Digital Safe Travel Container

Great design and compact construction distinguish the digital travel mug.
The heating base and stainless steel mug fit neatly into your car’s cup holder for safe and easy traveling
The snug-fitting silicone lid and no-skid base help prevent spills. 
The heating unit is programmable to keep liquid hot and displays the temperature on an easy to read LCD screen.
The well made and easy to use digital travel mug works in any vehicle that has a 12-volt direct current power supply and universal cup holder
Enjoy fresh hot drinks or snacks at any time

Trusted stainless steel construction features that will avoid spill proof hot messes

Insulated mug holds in warmth even off the heating base
Programmable base maintains the desired temperature of the beverage
Easy to read LCD screen displays temperature setting
Automatic shut-off and boil-dry sensors shut off the heat to keep things safe
Liquids reach boil in 15 minutes for fresh drinks or light cooking on the go
Non-skid rubber base and tight-fitting silicone lid help prevent spills
Plugs into the 12 Volt DC outlet

This special stainless steel mug allows you take your hot or cold drink to the road. This mug insulates liquid to manage heat levels without plugging in the outlet. You can heat the liquid to your selected temperature between 85F and 160F. It will alert the user as the ideal temperature is reached. You can monitor the temperature of liquid with LED indicator.

How it Operates


Basic safety cautions should always be followed when using electrical appliances, especially when children are present. Follow the instructions below.

  • Most importantly keep product away from water, electrical parts are live even when it is off
  • Turn off after use
  • When plugged in never leave unattended
  • Keep out of reach from children

If plug gets wet please clean and dry immediately to refrain from damaging the merchandise.


Color: Grey/Stainless Steel
Holds 348ML/12oz
Requires 12-volt dashboard power source
Power: 80-120W
Weight: 530g

Package Includes

-1 mug
-1 adapter
-1 charging base
-1 cover

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