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Infrared HandHeld Massager for Back - ChiSoft®

Get Soothing Massage with ChiSoft® Infared Hand Held Massager
for Hard To Reach Areas

Is your body demanding help from back aches, muscle tensions and pains? When your body muscle is tight or having aches that means your blood circulations is blocked, resulting in poor health conditions.

Pressure points are specific sensitive areas on the surface of the body; when force is applied, it stimulates the body from muscle tension and relief of stress which in turn promotes health.

But how can we achieve this? The answer is simple. With ChiSoft hand held massager you can massage your pressure points anytime and anywhere.

percussion hand held massager

This portable hand held massager is your safe haven. Get instant relief from muscle aches, stiffness and body pains that are causing discomfort to your body. This affordable massager is the most effective aid for you, but this popular massager won't be available for a long time. So, please keep reading the awesome benefits and special features!

Major Benefits of ChiSoft® Percussion HandHeld Masssager
with Detachable Palm Attachment

Did you know there are 650 trigger points in our body from neck to waist? Every point is linked up with nerves, tissues, organs so on and so forth. And there are approximately 372 pressure points found in the nervous system. 

Massaging those pressure points will relaxes your body and improve your health. Get this Tapping or Percussion Hand Held Massager and you will feel the difference!

Sooth your back aches and tight muscles with deep penetrating massage

 Alleviates pain through cycles of compression and release

 Improves blood circulation

Get optimal soothing massage with adjustable tapping / vibrating massage speed
 Accessible in hard to reach areas of the body

 Counteracts tension and stiffness

Loosens tight areas within tendons and joints

hand held massager

Amazing Features That Makes ChiSoft Percussion HandHeld Massager
Different from Other Models

 Adjust the massage vibration speed through speed control dial for the best experience

Three Different Attachments to perfectly massage your trigger points 

High quality durable plastic material to ensure the longevity of the massager

Very portable great for office, home or after gym use

Hand strap to secure your palm to the massager head

 Ergonomic designed handle provides better support during your massage session. 

    Unique 2 in 1 Design Beats Generics: Easily Attach and Detach the Palm Massager From The Handle for Unique Massage Experience

    Split: Press the split button on both sides, forward slightly then pull back.

    Combination: Insert the end lid into the tail of the massager and then pull the tail lid out and assemble the handle.


    Why Health Experts Praise This Portable Massager Machine
    As the Best and Most Durable One 

    By G. Phillis, Massage Therapist, Columbus, Ohio

    "This is a great massager. Experienced foot aches and back pains since the age of 36. I just turned 45 and it's about time I brought a piece of work like this. Upon using this I now do not experience back pain or foot pain. The pulsating action generates rapidly per minutes it's the best."

      Tips and instructional use

      Suggested positions for using the hand held massager. Please confirm the massager function switch is in the off state, insert the power supply into appropriate voltage socket.

      how to use detachable massager

      1. Put function switch in (M) state, massage function open. Speed regulation switch to rotate clockwise, the massage will gradually strengthen
      2. Rotate counterclockwise, the massage will gradually weaken
      3. Put function switch in (M+L) state, massage will have light
      4. Massage each region no more than 15 minutes
      5. Once no longer in use turn off the power and pull the plug out of the socket

      Keep in Mind

      As with any massager machines basic safety cautions should always be followed. When using electrical appliances, especially when children are present. Follow the instructions below.

      • Please use the machine under a specified voltage
      • Never put for long periods of time on the following body parts: head, chest, knees, elbow joints to avoid the risk of injury. 
      • Not allowed for pregnant women
      • Do not use if you are experiencing bodily harm/injury
      • Suggested time for this device should not surpass the time period of 20 minutes
      • Do not use with any oil or organic solvents
      • Do not insert objects in the gap between the massage head and case
      • Most importantly keep product away from water, electrical parts are live even when it is off

      Notice: This should not be a replacement for a medical device. No medical claims are warranted by the use of this product. It is strongly advised to consult your physician before use if you are currently undertaking medical treatment.


      Model: LC-2017-A
      Voltage: 220-240V
      Frequency: 50~60Hz
      Power: 25W
      Rated working time: 15 minutes

      Package Includes

        - 1 ChiSoft® Infrared HandHeld Back Massager
        -  1 Manual
        -  3 Head cover
        -  1 Adapter

        Try ChiSoft Massager Machine And Relieve Your Body Aches Today

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