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Facial Deep Pore Cleansing Electric Brush Fyola®


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Healthier Skin Isn't A Dream, It Is Reality With The Fyola® Cleansing Electric Brush 

Having a professional, high-quality facial cleaner shouldn't be a dream or a wish. It should be something that can be attained easily. And forget about all those expensive devices where they produce the same results at a premium price; also forget about complicated instruction manuals and directions. Being able to make sure that your facial skin stay as clean, as young, and as healthy as possible need to be achieved through as little effort as possible while remaining affordable.

Fyola Facial Cleansing Brush Deep Pore Cleansing Brush Heads

This is why our Electric Deep Pore Cleansing Facial Cleaner is the best solution for you! The design, incredible brush head bristles, and a special waterproof design, this is the product that can provide you with the complete facial massage and cleansing treatment right in the comfort of your home!

Let's take a look at this amazing little gadget.

Benefits That Will Get Rid Of Contaminants And Dead Skin Cells 

It's no secret that leaving contaminants or dead skin cells on your face for too long can result in allergies, infections, and oily look. Even with proper use of facial soap day and night, you are running the risk of damaging your skin cells with chemicals and artificial agents.

  Eliminate dust, pollens, and other environmental impurities that remain on your face throughout the day.

 Diminish facial pores

 Unclog pores that have  excessive contaminants or oil that are prone create the risk of pimples.

 Decrease other potential skin problems

 Waterproof, which gives you a peace of mind while using it in the bathroom.

 It also utilizes ultra soft bristles on the brush heads to delicately remove grime and dead skin cells.

 Blood circulation can also be enhanced through the massaging effect of the brush heads, giving you back the youthful and healthy look you've always wanted.


 Oscillating brush heads provide the best result in cleansing and massage.

 Waterproof feature lets you to safely use the product without worry about water damages.

 3 Interchangeable heads provide you with options for different types of facial treatments.

 High-quality design and brush heads ensures the longevity of the product lifespan.

 Superior cleansing on hard-to-remove makeup and contaminants stuck in the facial pores.

 Some products provide deep cleansing of your face but they are either too powerful, resulting in skin damage, or too weak, resulting in ineffective cleaning session.

How Does It Work?

  1. Choose one of the treatment heads and then put it on to the plastic cap of the main unit
  2. Apply some cleanser on your face
  3. Turn on the device by pressing the power button once
  4. Move it around on the face and enjoy massage
  5. Turn off the device by pressing the power button again
  6. Take out the brush head and clean it with tap water, please make sure to remove the treatment head from main unit before cleaning

Keep In Mind

Make sure the sponge puff is properly cleaned after every use to prevent bacterial growth. Use the included storage case to store the product when not in use to prevent dust and other contaminants. When the sponge puff wears out or does not provide the desired effect after extended usages, a replacement is required.

    Package Includes

    - facial machine
    slicone brush 
    - makeup puff
    - cleansing brush
    - holder

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