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Facial Cleansing 3-in-1 Apple Brush Fyola®


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Invigorating Skin Care Cleansing Device Makeup Puffer All-In-One 

Never again do you need to purchase different products for the ultimate skin care needs. This unique vibrating Facial Cleansing Brush gives you the comfort, the convenience, and the result that you want! With improved vibrating feature, foundation in both liquid or powder form can be applied onto your face easily, evenly, and effectively. With a simple motion to remove the interchangeable head, you can then use the same device for facial cleansing!

Fyola Facial Cleansing 2-in-1 Apple Brush

Designed with high-quality brush heads and materials, this product ensures that deep pores can be properly cleaned while being gentle on your face. Impurities and dust can be removed instantly while the ergonomic shape of the handle provides the comfort within your hand for that delicate final touch upon your face!

Benefits That Will Leave Your Skin Supple And Smooth To The Touch

This beauty cleanser machine will be your best purchase compared to some of the other brands out there in the market. This will give you the wonderful feeling of exhilaration and rejuvenation. 

 Will eliminate clumped up bacteria under the skin that accumulates due to beauty products.

 Re-useable make up remover with soft sponges that do not damage the skin but promote blood circulation.

 Does not aggravate sensitive skin

 Washes off dead skin cells 

    If you are worried about the left-over makeup that exists after you've used your makeup wipes or what have you. Take that one added step to make sure that there is no residue by using this cleansing machine. 


     Comes with three interchangeable brush heads

     Ergonomic design for ease of use

     Improved vibrating feature ensures even coating of foundation both in liquid and powder form.

     High-quality materials and brush heads ensure the longevity of the product.

      Instructional Tips

      1. Choose one of the treatment heads and then put it into the main unit.
      2. Apply some cleanser on skin
      3. Remove the base cover and switch on the device by pressing the switch button, and you will feel a gentle vibration
      4. Move it around the face and enjoy the massage
      5. Once finished, turn off the brush by pressing the switch button again
      6. Take out the brush head and clean it with water

      Always take out the battery when the machine is not being used for a long period of time, to prevent damage caused by battery leakage.

      Keep In Mind

      • Make sure the sponge puff is properly cleaned after every use to prevent bacterial growth
      • Use the included storage case to store the product when not in use to prevent dust and other contaminants
      • When the sponge puff wears out or does not provide the desired effect after extended usages, a replacement is required


      Number: MC0395
      Power: 1 x CR2032 size battery (3V)
      Color: green/pink

      Package Includes

      - main unit
      - silicone brush
      - makeup puff
      - super fine facial brush
      - cr 2032 battery
      - manual

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