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Sonic Exfoliating Brush Fyola® - Get Smooth Softer Skin

Get Younger Healthier Looking Skin With A Deep Cleansing Multi-purpose Facial Exfoliating Brush

Don't let oil, grime, dirt, and even dead skin cells on your skin deteriorate your look over time. As you know makeup and other cosmetic products on your face will hinder the cells from restoring your beautiful, youthful look if left on the skin for too long. Without proper cleaning of your face, even facial supplements and nutrients will not be absorbed effectively, costing you time, money, and wasting of good products!

facial exfoliating brush fyola

Instead of spending minutes and hours splashing water all over your clothes while manually scrubbing and rinsing your face why not use Fyola exfoliating facial brush? This will be more enjoyable and relaxing.

Try out our Fyola® Facial Body Cleansing Brush and experience the freshness, ease, and comfort unlike any before!  

Top Major Benefits Of Fyola Super Ultra Facial Exfoliating Brush For Acne Prone and Sensitive Skin

exfoliating facial treatment

 Smoother, softer skin tone and the gentle circular brushing polishes your skin while removing impurities. Cleanses your skin 6x better than with normal brushes giving you a more beautiful revitalized skin

  Anti-aging is more effective with Fyola, because sonic brushes makes your skin for increased absorption of serums, creams, and moisturizers . 

  Great for sensitive skin, because the brush are so soft and able to  effectively do deep cleansing. It removes impurities with amazing results. Tightens skin and increases blood flow. 

 Firmer and tighter skin with the massage effect generated by the brush head will increase blood flow, which in turn reduces stored fat, improve nutrient absorption rate, and exercise the muscle tissues underneath the skin.

Reduce visible pores and wrinkles and maintain the elasticity of the skin while removing dirt and other impurities from the pores.

 Improve dry skin - With proper use of moisturizer or cream, the brush head will tenderly nurture dead and dry skin back to life by profoundly saturate the skin with much-needed moisture.


Unmatched Features That Will Eliminate Bacteria And Other Substances

Waterproof design that can be used while in the shower for easy cleaning session.

Interchangeable brush heads: Designed for different areas of your face and body based on your needs.

Cordless: Convenience at hand! Don't fumble with wires and don't risk hurting yourself with the cord plugged into the wall outlet.

Cordless feature is safe and gives you the flexibility that you need!

cordless facial brush machine

What Makes Fyola Exfoliating Brush Different From Generic Models

Restoring self-confidence and youthful appearance is definitely possible. 

  • Other similar brands require manual labor to produce a result that is not up to the standard of cleaning the face. This product provides a sonic power cleansing through wireless charging station, giving you the convenience and flexibility to use anywhere, at any time.
  • 100% waterproof design ensures that you can use this facial brush even in the shower! Never frustrate or concern yourself with unnecessary water splashing onto your favorite clothes!
  • Others provide a single or dual speed setting, which can be a hit or a miss for some of our customers. We have understood the concern and made it better with up to 5 speed settings! Select the right speed based on your comfort level and take in the revitalizing result of a bright-looking face!
  • High speed and low noise means effective result without hurting your ears or annoy people around you!

Best of it all...are you ready for this?...this isn't just a regular facial cleansing brush. Due to its incredible 100% waterproof and cordless design, this unique product can also be used on your body as well! Remove impurities with ease, massage your body at the same time, and re-introduce that elasticity back into your skin for a beautiful, youthful appearance!

The Ultimate All-in-One Convenience in The Palm of Your Hand

Simple design, great result, re-energize your body, revitalize your skin

With brush heads containing 5,200 bristles and each bristle with a diameter of less than 0.05mm, Fyola® Facial/Body Cleansing Brush provides a deep and sensational cleansing of your skin pores. Not only facial region but the entire body as well, the waterproof and wireless design allows greater range of motion flexibility while not sacrificing the amazing sonic power.


Multiple speeds levels combined with interchangeable brush heads means you have the freedom to get the best massage and cleansing therapy that your body deserves!

How to use 

When you first add the machine to your skin care routine, start with a one-minute treatment twice each day for the first three days.

You can choose from Four available cleansing modes.

How to use Fyola Facial Brush

1. Sensitive: Cleansing for sensitive skin while maintaining that deep cleaning power.
2. Pulse Lift Massage: Gently stimulate your skin.
3. Exfoliate: Effectively removes dry, dead skin cells.
4. Deep Cleansing: Removes built up, makeup, oil and grime.

After that, treat for two minutes, twice a day for best results. The facial brush works well in conjunction with your regular cleansers.

facial brush charging


Keep In Mind

  • Do not over brush the same area for more than 30 seconds to avoid skin damage
  • Do not apply too much pressure to avoid skin damage
  • Always make sure the brush heads are properly cleaned and dried before putting them away to avoid mold and smell 


Dimension: 4.3x7.1 x7.1 inches
Weight: 1.6 lbs

Package Includes

- 1 facial body brush system
- 1 holder
- 2 interchangeable brush

Try this Facial Exfoliating Brush Today and
Feel Your Skin Getting Softer and Smoother Than Before

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