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Anti-Theft Joey Backpack - Black Leather Limited Edition

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The backpack that has EVERYTHING you hoped for is here!

We are extremely fortunate to bring you a travel solution that comes from the future. From a Kickstarter idea to a fully realized product, Black Leather Limited Edition Joey® Backpack from Koala-Gear is designed to revolutionize the way how people view and use a backpack. Never has a backpack so versatile, so adjustable, so packed with features, and so convenient to use to come into existence in the market - until now.

Functionality, security, quality and style are combined into one incredible backpack that is comfortable to wear, easy to access, and safe to use. The all-new Joey® Backpack is a revolutionary backpack that conforms to the 21st Century modern lifestyle, providing the best ergonomically designed storage and travel solution perfect for students, travelers and business people.

Incredible features that no words can truly describe

Conventional backpacks out in the market today have a hard time giving users the ability to use the backpack the way they want by limiting functionality. Either the straps are too little, too short, or too brittle or the compartments are far too few for an effective storage capability to carry multiple personal items at the same time. Joey® Backpack is researched and designed to ensure that an all-point storage solution is available for users by making sure spaces are not wasted without compromising accessibility.

From laptops to tablets, from books to documents, from money to passports, from water bottles to keys, Joey® Backpack offers enough compartments both visible and hidden to effectively organize and secure your belongings with ease. The central compartments are big enough to store your books, documents, presentations, and laptops while smaller side and interior compartments are designed for smaller and fragile items, such as earphones, pens, tablets, phones, and more. With convenience in mind, Joey® Backpack's smaller side compartments are added so that you can secure your keys and access them easily to open the doors to your house, take out your headphones to listen to your favorite music, or take a sip of water whenever and wherever you want.

Joey Backpack Storage Compartment

Joey Backpack Water Bottle Placement

One cool feature about Joey® Backpack's multi-compartment organization system is: it is expandable. That's right, for those that require an even larger compartment to store more items, you can now easily use the extension strap hidden inside the top cover and expand the storage capacity by another 30%.


Best quality out there for a backpack

Built with high quality synthetic leather and Polyurethane-coated, water-resistant woven polyester materials that have YKK RC ® 's Thermoplastic Polyurethane hybrid material of hard plastic and soft silicone with water resistant treatment zippers, this backpack can withstand weather elements and daily usages. You can get a peace of mind knowing that your belongings are protected against water and rain damages while traveling. It even comes with an exterior rain-resistant cover that can fully envelope the backpack for a true, 100% protection of your belongings.

After all, electronics, such as laptops and tablets, are highly susceptible to water damages, and we definitely don't want that.

Joey Backpack Rain Cover

A proprietary anti-theft feature never before seen


But what about theft? After all, many people have experienced their bags and backpacks been pick-pocketed by crooks during rush hours in public areas. And having all that storage capacity certainly isn't making it easier for users knowing that their important personal items are all kept in one backpack.

Koala-Gear has thoroughly thought this through while researching and designing their product with multiple revisions and extreme care throughout the years. With the special FidLock® SNAP screw anti-theft fastener, you can rest assured that your personal items are securely protected against a third hand trying to gain access to your backpack while traveling on the bus, on the train, or on the road. Specially designed magnets are fitted into a sturdy knob that effectively locks itself into the locking groove of the security notch, effectively prevents anyone from opening your backpack secretly and silently without a strong pull of the latch. The zippers are also robust enough so that unzipping will require more than just a minor tug.

Joey Backpack Anti-Theft

A backpack with your health and wellness in mind

One very important feature about Joey® Backpack from Koala-Gear is how it effectively distributes the weight across your shoulders through reinforced, padded one-piece straps. With more compartments and larger storage size, the weight of the backpack can put a strain on your neck, shoulders, and back, potentially increases the chance of neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, muscle aches, tendon soreness, and general stress discomforts. Luckily, Koala-Gear has designed this product with comfort and wellness in mind.

Joey Backpack Ergonomic Back Support DesignErgonomically shaped back shell support with 3mm open cell foam padding is created to ensure your spine is not bending in an unnatural way. The thickly padded shoulder straps double as comfort and reinforcement to prevent muscle strains and pain with heavier load. A well-designed ventilation system is also built into the back support, as the air can move through raised padding, allowing trapped air to escape and reducing the chance of sweat build-up. For those that love to travel outside and camp outside this is a blessing, as hot sun and warm temperature will not hinder your travel progress while your back remains relatively cool and comfortable.

Enhances your looks, boosts your social image, displays with confidence

leather joey backpack

All the above features will probably make you wonder if the backpack is just one ugly, tubular-shaped bag that is an eye-sore and can potentially downgrade your social image. This is certainly not the case with Joey® Backpack. Not only is the interior design genuinely high quality with robust, specially treated materials, the exterior is also equally fashionable and pleasing to the eyes. Say goodbye to annoying lengthy adjustable straps that dangle away while you walk. You can now tuck them away in hidden pockets along the shoulder straps and lower back support. In fact, this backpack is so ergonomically well-designed, it conforms to your body and becomes one with you.

The style is that of contemporary modern look with simple, clean, and smooth textures that discard unnecessary fluff. The fashion sense generated from this product is not without its difficulties and plenty of revisions, and that is why a professional fashion designer is part of the team of experienced and highly-qualified individuals who frequently travel to the manufacturing plants to ensure quality and looks are strictly monitored and controlled to meet their level of expectations.

A saying goes: Less is more. This is certainly a phrase that fits the appearance of the Joey® Backpack. The overall look of the product is beautiful with its leather layers and durable synthetic materials. It is fun to travel with. It is well-protected from the weather and from the thefts. It is, without a doubt, the best backpack ever created and is definitely worth every penny.

So what are you waiting for? Get your Black Leather Limited Edition Joey® Backpack right now! We promise you that you won't regret it because we love it too!

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