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ELEOTIN Herbal Gold 3-pack for Blood Glucose Control

World’s #1 Doctor recommended Natural Source Healthy Blood Glucose Promoting Product available in Canada

Are you type 2 diabetics and looking a solution that really works? Are you tired of those insulin injections?

Well, there is finally a natural solutions that works on the roots of the cause.

Forget those other blood glucose supplement that don’t work. Eleotin is the real deal and most important it’s PROVEN to work. It has been invented by the University of Alberta in 1998

Over 3000 Doctor recommendations, over 2500 Newspaper & Television acclaim (including the New York Times#1 best sellers)

Recommended for: Pre-diabetic, Hypoglycemic, Mild to Moderate Diabetic and people who prefers to use capsules than the tea. Eleotin Deluxe is good for everybody whether one has diabetes or not. It is a good, safe, health promoting product.

Designed for diabetics in mind by the world's leading diabetes experts, diabetic patients receive additional health benefits than people without diabetes

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ELEOTIN Herbal Gold Capsules Diabetic Natural Solution - Made in Canada

How does Eleotin Help Diabetes Type 2?

The components of Eleotin make it an excellent health food for everyone. It increases the body's own ability to purify or cleanse impurities through urination. This cleansing function is essential nutrients to a person's pancreas.

The three bottles, each containing 30 capsules, are:

  1. Blend A (Morning) helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels after a meal
  2. Blend B (Afternoon) helps improve the health of insulin receptors so that glucose is more efficiently absorbed into muscle or liver cells.
  3. Blend C (Night) provides essential nutrients that helps strengthen the pancreas.

Directions: Take morning capsule prior to breakfast. Take Afternoon capsule between lunch and dinner and night capsule an hour prior to sleep.

(30 capsules sets) - 1 Month Supply


Do you NOT stop taking Eleotin herbal even you get great results after several months. 

This is NOT medication. Do not expect this a "magic pill" like most pharmaceutical companies sell their own medicine.

Eleotin is food. Your body needs time to adjust and recover the changes. 

Always consult your doctor if you see changes or improvements in your blood glucose levels. 






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