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Electric Body Slimming Massager - ChiSoft®

ChiSoft® Full Body Multi-function Slimming Massager 

Inspired by professional massage techniques, this latest generation massager provides numerous beneficial therapeutic massages at home. It is especially sufficient for those suffering from cellulite, fluid retention and flaccidity. Its practicality lies in its powerful motor that produces simultaneous rotating and vibrating movements. This complex action resonate a subcutaneous massage, which increases the blood flow, encouraging lymphatic drainage and blood circulation which promotes skin elasticity.

Maintains massage intensified by the effects of the infrared heat, moves fat, heating and absolving, as well as smoothing bumpy orange peel like skin texture. It then applies friction and kneading movements, copying the hand mobility of an expert therapeutic profession. The ChiSoft Anti Cellulite Massager Machine is ergonomically designed for convenient home use, allowing the user to give them a massage anytime, anywhere.


  Wipe out cellulite
  Works against flaccidity while stimulating blood flow and return
  Tones the muscles
  Performs lymphatic drainage and reduces volume
  Relieves back acne, sciatica and lumbago
  Warms up the muscles, relaxes and cancel out stress
  Firms the surface of the skin, giving it a plumper appearance
  Regulates abdominal area, abbreviating localized toxins and helping intestinal tract system preventing constipation

General Recommendation For Use

How to use chisoft electric multi-purpose body massager

Wave Head Form
Stimulates a professional massage preformed with the palm of the hand, toning and improving blood flow, use in the thigh and buttocks area.

Head Protector
For improved comfort, cover the appropriate treatment head with the cloth head.

*This accessory cannot be used with creams
-can only be used with the wave-shaped head. Using it with other heads could damage the cloth and the massage would be less effective

Finger Massager
Stimulates a professional massage performed with the fingers. It is suitable for application to painful cellulite, foot reflexology and gentle muscle pressure.

Roller Head
Gives immediate results, eliminates cellulite along the areas of the surface of the body where needed.

Massage Balls
Used for delicate areas like the face, chest, neck and breasts.

Main Parts

-    Main body of the appliance
-    Off/massage/massage + IR switch
-    Variable massage intensity control
-    Infrared radiation emitter
-    Massage head adapter
-    Cord
-    Finger massage head
-    Roller massage head
-    Ball massage head
-    Wave shaped head

Cleaning, Storage & Safety

  • Do not use solvents, detergents or abrasive products
  •  When the product is unplugged use a dry cloth to clean the outside
  •  When the appliance is not being used, unplug and store in a cool, dry place
  •  To prevent the cable from becoming damaged, do not twits it, pull or wind it around the device.


Safety & Cautions

-Do not use machine for more than 15 minutes. May cause it to overheat, reducing life span, let it cool down before using
-Do not use if suffering from skin rashes or inflammation
-People sensitive to heat must be careful; this machine has a heated surface
-Protect your eyes from exposure to infrared radiation
-Excessive infrared radiation can be harmful, so avoid prolonged exposure
-Avoid using product before going to bed because it may have stimulating effects and may make it longer for you to fall fast asleep
-Keep out of reach from children
-When you use it in present be extremely cautious of your surroundings
-Do not modify or repair the appliance, if there are problems with the cords or any items do not use
-If the power cord is damaged, it must be replaced
-Never use parts or accessories not supplied or recommended by VitActivate
-When assembling be sure that it is unplugged  

Added Importance:
-Read instructions completely before using appliance
-Only for domestic use not professional use, using it in any other way than according to the instructions could be hazardous.
-Do not use for substitute for medical care
-Do not use near bathtubs or sinks where there is liquid, Never immerse in water it will cause electrocution

Note: Ask your doctor if you have any health problems such as an active pacemaker that will refrain you from benefiting from this system


specifications of chisoft electric body slimming massager


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