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Most Comfortable Double Mummy Sleeping Bag

Stay Warm & Cozy in this Two-Person Classic Mummy-Style Sleeping Bag

Summer is rolling around, and that means that camping season is at it’s peak! It’s time for the whole family to get packed and get ready for some outdoor adventures in the wilderness, whether it be getting lost in the beauty of nature, or simply roasting marshmallows over the bonfire. Regardless of all the options for daytime activities, it’s more than just important to make yourself and your family comfortable when the sun sets and the stars come out!

Winterial Live’s Double Mummy Sleeping Bag is the perfect size for two! It’ll be just another home away from home, but even more comfy! Mummy bags are shaped in a way to retain your body heat and keep you warm in the chilly nights during camping season! It is more than simply an entry-level sleeping bag, as it provides optimal warmth and comfort! You’ll be amazed at how it suits to your camping needs!

Most Comfortable Double Mummy Sleeping Bag      Most Comfortable Double Mummy Sleeping Bag

Benefits of the Easiest Backpacking Tent, Ever!

 Compact and convenient

 Ample headspace for two people, allowing for body warmth to keep the both of you warm, while also protecting you from the chilly breeze at nights that blow at your tent.

 Made of strong and durable materials

 Perfect to suit all family camping needs - super comfortable and spacious

 Smooth outer material makes it easy to clean after a long day of activities on the beach or in the forest!

Finding the perfect sleeping bag can be a hassle! You’ll need to ensure that you’re warm, dry, and comfortable! The Winterial Live Double Mummy Sleeping Bag will exceed your expectations and make certain that you have the best possible camping experience!

The Winterial Live Double Mummy Sleeping Bag is the only sleeping bag you’ll ever need - allowing you to sleep two people in one! We know that after a long day of hiking and other activities in the backcountry can be strenuous and exhausting. The only thing you want after an exhausting day is a comfy place to rest - your shelter for the trip!

Sleep under the shining stars in the beauty of nature in this cozy home away from home.

Special Features

Everyone loves a lightweight, durable, and waterproof-bottom tent that does way more than protect you from the elements. Here are just a few of the features that satisfy all of your tent-camping needs!

 DIMENSIONS: 81in x 53in with a total weight of 8.2 pounds / Pack size 18" x 10" x 10" Pack this double mummy bag for superior warmth!Rated for +20 degree Fahrenheit. This sleeping bag is great for all conditions!

 WARMTH: Rated for +20 degree Fahrenheit! This warm double sleeping bag is great for all conditions and will fit well in almost any tent!

 THE ULTIMATE 2 person Mummy Bag / Designed for 2 people / Warm / Comfortable while camping or backpacking with 2 people!

 TOP GRADE FEATURES: Features a sturdy,  Water Resistant, Diamond Ripstop Shell made with Micro Polyester Lining / 2 DUEL INSIDE POCKETS for electronics and wallets!

 COZY! Enjoy the ultimate camping adventure in this double sleeping bag while being WARM and COMFY with 2 separate hoods that provide you with a warm mummy bag experience!

Most Comfortable Double Mummy Sleeping Bag          Most Comfortable Double Mummy Sleeping Bag

Customer Reviews



It is great even for two people over 6'!




Very nice.. I searched for a good deal and quality without being cheap. This product meets just that. It rolls up much easier than the one I had before.



Nicolas A. Vargas P.

I wish there were half stars to give this product 4.5 stars. It's very comfortable. It looks and feels of high quality. It is warm, but I would take half a star off, because the description says it's warm enough for +20 F. I slept in this sleeping bag, inside a tent and the temperature went all the way down to 26 F.


Tips for Use

 Take good care of the waterproof rain-fly by spraying it with spray-on waterproofing treatment designed for tent and other camping gear (ex. Water repellent)

 Avoid machine washing and drying

 Clean tent zippers, poles and tips after using

 Allow to air-dry after use

Package Includes

 Instruction Manual

 Sleeping Bag

So what are you waiting for? Camping season is just around the corner, so don’t miss out on this low-price classic-style Winterial Live Double Mummy Sleeping Bag that you can use to your heart’s desire whenever and wherever!

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