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Dog Paw Balm Recovery Cracked Chapped Paws

Recover Dry Cracked Dog Paw with PAWSITIVE FX Moisturising Balm that Contains a Unique Blend of Hemp Seed Oil 12 + Healing Oils + 4 Butters & Extracts 

Is your dog’s paw dry cracked chapped or rough? And you need an effective, quick affordable solution without going to the animal doctor? Then this all natural dog paw balm formulated with unique blend or organic ingredients is the ultimate solution. 

Smoothing your pet’s toes has been easier than before with PAWSITIVE FX paw balm.

Dog paws are vulnerable as your feet; therefore, you should take care of them. Imagine yourself that you can’t walk barefoot on snow or a hot road. Similarly, the paw pads of your dog need proper protection. You should check them for myriad issues to address them on time. These problems are cracked pads, foreign objects between paw pads and nail length. Regularly trim the nails of your dog and use Dog Paw Balm by Vita Moisturising for Happy Paw.

Pads can bleed and crack because of dehydration. Instead of using human lotions on dog’s paw, you should use dog paw balm. The human lotion is not good for the dog’s pad because it can make them soft but cause numerous other issues. While rubbing paw balm,give a massage to your dog by rubbing between pads and every toe.

healing paw balm

Major Benefits of PAWSITIVE FX Dog Paw Balm That Does More than Soothing Your Dog’s Paw

Just like the human, dog’s paw feel cold during winter. To avoid cracks and bleeding, prevent walking your dog in the snow. Here are a few benefits of using Dog Paw Balm by Vita Moisturising for Happy Paw.

In case of cracks and blisters, wash pads with antibacterial soap and let them dry.
Apply Dog Paw Balm by Vita Moisturising over pads to make them happy.
It is made in Canada with 100% natural ingredients to soothe chapped, rough and dry paws.
Regularly smooth this balm on the toes of your pet to avoid irritation and maintain healthily and moisturise paws. 
The happy paw is great for every dog because of its vegan, organic and healing nutrients. 
With its 2 ounces tin and 0.15 ounces tubes, you can easily store it in your drawer or keep it in your pocket.

    Featured with ALL Natural Ingredients Makes PAWSITIVE FX Dog Paw Balm a Must Have Healing Tool

    It is made with all natural ingredients, such as beeswax, apricot kernel oil, cocoa butter, jojoba oil tea tree oil, vitamin E, etc.
    It is a soothing treatment for cracked, dry and chapped paws. With its use, you can notice quick recovery of the paw of your dog.
    Hemp seed oil is an important ingredient of this paw balm. It is equipped with the immune-boosting fatty acids to give the best care to your pet.
    It is special for its unique blend of vegan, moisturising, and nourishing, healing and organic ingredients.
    After applying this balm, there is no need to worry about licking problem because it is not bad for your dog.
    Dog paw balm is perfect for the instant treatment of paw pad hyperkeratosis also known as a hairy paw.
    It is excellent to treat dading scars, extreme weather conditions, and dry elbows. 

      Why is PAWSITIVE FX Dog Paw Balm So Special?

      Dog Paw Balm by Vita Moisturising for Happy Paw can be a great choice for every dog owner. The balm is consist of natural ingredients, such as beeswax, hemp seed oil, sweet almond oil, grape seed oil, apricot kernel oil, shea nut butter, sunflower oil, cocoa butter, vitamin E and rosemary extract. All these ingredients can keep the paws moisturise and avoid every possible irritation.

      For best results, prepare the paw before applying balm on the pad. Good grooming is important to keep paw healthy in winter. Use a clipper or beard trimmer to trim the long hair of your dog. Keep the hair on paw pads trimmed to easily massage with dog paw balm.

      Get Your PAWSITIVE FX Today and Your Dog Will Thank You For That!

      Winter is a time to protect the pads of your dog. This dog balm is formulated with special ingredients to offer silky protection to paws. In the winter season, regularly massage the paw of your dog with this balm. With hemp seed oil, it offers immune boosting fatty acids to give the best care to your pet. This balm is special for its unique ingredients and offers instant recovery. There is no need to worrying about licking habit of your dog.

      The ingredients of this balm are completely healthy and safe for your pets. With its healing nutrients, this balm is good to make the paws of your dog strong and healthy. Instead of using coconut oil, use this balm for the best and quick healing results.

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