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Dog Balm 3-Pack (0.5oz) - Recover Nose and Paws

Recover Dry Cracked Dog Nose with PAWSITIVE FX Balm Moisturising Stick Balm in Days

Is your beloved dog having with cracked, chapped and dry noses? Dry nose of your dog needs instant treatment because an untreated dry nose can quickly get worse from bad. Drying out can form crusty scabs that bleed and flake off. Here comes PAWSTIVE dog nose balm to the rescue.

A dry nose of your dog may be an indication of an underlying issue, such as irritation and allergy. With a dry nose, your dog feels uncomfortable and can’t even smell properly. This problem is dangerous for the sense of smell of your dog. Your dogs can become nervous or even agitated. It’s time to get your dog a good moisturising balm, such as Pawsitive Fx Dog Snout Balm Stick.

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Variety is the spice of life, they give you numerous choices and make you happier, your dog also deserves to be happy, and nothing shows your dog how much you care about it than helping it live a comfortable life. While dogs are strong animals, they are also prone to weaknesses. Nothing makes a dog stronger and comfortable than its paws and nose.

Dog paws are generally hardy and heal quickly from abrasion and cuts but there are cases where these accidents become extreme because of negligence, you end up spending more money at the vet’s place. To avoid these things, you have to constantly care for your dog with the right products.

When you find your dog constantly licking and chewing its paws, you know you have a call of duty. Make no mistakes about this, there are several products out there that work, but the 0.5oz tubes variety pack works great too. Its ingredients are mostly natural and things your dog will love.

BENEFITS of 3-Variety Pack Dog Balm (0.5 oz)  Made in Canada with Hemp Seed Oil

0.5oz tubes variety pack is a natural and vegan dog care products that will bring comfort and strength to your pet’s paws and nose. They help to prevent your dog from having painful paws and nose problems by protecting it from things such as pad burns, frostbites, and torn nails as well as keeping their paws pretty. The 0.5oz is a personalized dog care pack that has a variety of solutions to paws problems.

The 0.5oz contains a variety of healthy products that will make you fall in love with your favorite pet all over again, it contains these listed products below!


Dog Nose Balm Before After, See the Difference This Balm Can Make?!

Dog snout balm stick is a natural remedy to heal chapped, crusty, irritated and dry nose. Prepared with all-natural essential oils and ingredients to offer a soothing and gentle cure for dry, cracked and chapped nose.

It is unscented so don’t worry about the olfactory senses of your puppy. Along with chapped and cracked nose, this balm is good for the treatment of acne, rashes, skin irritation, sunburn, discoid lupus, and hyperkeratosis. You can use Dog Snout Balm Stick Pawsitive for the treatment of windburn and potassium bromide nose.

Mosturize and Awaken your Pets Sense of Smell

Nose of a dog is extremely sensitive and it is an essential part of his/her life. It is essential to use pure ingredients like Dog Snout Balm Stick Pawsitive for its protection.

This nose balm is formulated to make your dog the happiest dog, it is made with natural ingredients that will give your pooch a stronger sense of smell by gently curing its chapped, dry or cracked nose without damaging its olfactory senses.


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It is prepared with all-natural ingredients, such as vitamin E, rosemary extract, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, kukui nut oil, organic hemp seed oil, shea nut butter and candelilla wax.
Extreme cold or heat can have a major contribution in a dry nose of a dog. Moreover, sun exposure can be the reason of sunburned nose. With the use of Dog Snout Balm Stick
Pawsitive, you can protect your dog from all possible problems.
Your dogs may have the sensitivity to cleaning products, toys, plastic dishes, and food.
With consistent use of this balm, you can avoid all possible problems. This balm is good to keep the snout of your dog moisturized.

It is made with natural ingredients which include: Unrefined shea nut butter, Kukuinut oil, Sweet almond oil, Jojba oil, Vitamin E, Rosemary extract, Organic, Hemp seed, Candelilla wax

Special Features and Ingredients of Pawsitive Dog Nose Balm Stick that Makes It Unique

Good to protect and heal, dry, cracked and chapped dog noses with moisturizing content.

It is made of grease herbs to restore bleeding or crusty dog noses.
The balm stick is 100% natural with 4 kinds of butter and extracts and more than 12 healing oils. All ingredients are of premium quality to offer maximum protection to your dog.
This balm stick is good for fast recovery. It will be the best treatment for the dry snout of your dog.
With its use, the nose of your dog becomes rejuvenate, soft and sooth in a few days.
Dog Snout Balm Stick Pawsitive works better than a coconut oil.
Hemp seed oil is full of essential fatty acids to boost the immune system and offer the best care to your pet.

Why is Dog Snout Balm Stick Pawsitive Better than Others?

Dog Snout Balm Stick is made in Canada with all-natural ingredients. The unique blend of vegan, moisturising, nourishing, organic and synergistic ingredients make it a wonderful product for your pet. It is easy to apply for optimal protection and recovery of dog nose. This scent-free formula comes with SFP and sunburn benefits. In extreme weather, you can use this balm stick and avoid potential allergies that are the main cause of dry.

Protect Your Dog’s Nose and Get Amazingly Quick Results  

Dog Snout Balm Stick Pawsitive is formulated to offer instant relief to a dry nose of your dog. It is good to keep snout of your dog smooth and moist. If your dog is sensitive, you are in need of a snout balm stick. With its amazing ingredients, it can protect your dog from possible sickness and allergies.

With the use of this balm stick, you can quickly heal dry nose of your dog while keeping it shiny and healthy. With its organic elements, it is free from allergies. For a fabulous and healthy snout, you should have Dog Snout Balm Stick Pawsitive in your pocket. In this way, you can prevent possible health problems for your puppy.


Dog Paw Balm for Fast Recovery of Cracked Chapped Paw

Made with all natural ingredients, this balm passes as the best solution for your dog’s paws. It is manufactured with the mind to sooth paw problems such as cracked, dry or chapped paws that could make those lovely long walks uncomfortable for you and your pet. Rubbing the balm on your pooch’s toes from time to time will help soften and moisturize its paws as well as maintain a healthy paw.

dog paw balm

The Happy Paws balm is made with natural and vegan ingredients including: Grape seed oil, Sunflower oil, Cocoa butter, Tea tree oil, Unrefined, Shea nut butter, Rosemary extract

Don't Forget this Protective Dog Paw Balm 

With this wax, your pet is happy and comfortable in all terrains whether smooth, hard, rocky or salty. The product is a wax-based formula that will keep your dog’s feet strong and free from the vet’s office to all year round. It is made with natural ingredients so your pet is free from uncomfortable reaction to chemicals.

protection dog wax balm

Its ingredients include: Carnauba wax, Candelilla wax, Sunflower oil, Lavender essential oil, Organic virgin coconut oil

This protective dog wax balm (red tube) works the best together with the recovery dog paw balm (blue tube)

These dog care products have the best effects when used together. They are all organic, natural plant-based products formulated to give your pet the best it deserves.

This 3-Pack Balm Includes

- 1 Tube (0.5 oz) Protection Dog Paw Wax Balm (Strong Paws)  
1 Tube (0.5 oz) Recovery Dog Paw Wax Balm (Happy Paws) 
- 1 Tube (0.5 oz) Recovery Dog Nose Balm (Happy Snouts)

Get your package deal stick balms so you can pamper your dogs today!

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