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SpaSens® Digital Glass Kitchen Scale

How To Make Cooking More Enjoyable And Easy With SpaSens® Digital Kitchen Scale

Precise Digital Measurement At Your Finger Tips

Ingredient measurements can be complicated. Cooking requires precise measurements as a slight deviation from the required amount can potentially affect the texture and the flavour. Cooking should be quick, easy, and worry free. 

With SpaSens® Digital Multifunction Kitchen Scale, you don't have to worry about different measurement terminologies and focus on what you enjoy the most - cooking! 


SpaSens® Digital Multifunction Kitchen Scale is designed to be slim, ultra portable, and beautiful-looking. Never again will you need to guess the ratio of those ingredients. You will be able to put out dishes with incredible flavours with this amazing product! 

High quality, contemporary modern design of the tempered glass surface ensures that the scale will not be an eye-sore. Your friends and family will not only not notice this nifty little gadget but in the event that they did notice it, you can expect compliments coming. 

You need this SpaSens® Digital Multifunction Kitchen Scale because it is everything that you are looking for to make your cooking sessions that much more enjoyable!


There are a few benefits why you should use SpaSens® Digital Multifunction Kitchen Scale:

 High precision strain gauge sensor system. Precisely measure your ingredients without hassle. 
 Tempered glass platform. Easy to clean; stylish and low-profile look fit for a contemporary modern design of your kitchen.
 Large LCD display. Easy to see display even when things get a bit hectic in the kitchen. 
 Touch buttons. 
 Tare function. Accurately displays the weight of the ingredient without the weight of the container by resetting the display number to zero with a press of the Tare button. 
 Auto off. Scale will turn itself off after a prolonged period of no use. 
 Low battery indication. Conveniently informs you when it's time to change the battery.


1. Insert AAA batteries at the back of the scale.

2. Place the scale on a sturdy surface.

3. Press the ON button.

4. Select the Unit by touching the Unit button for desired measurement setting.

5. Press Tare to reset the display number to zero in order to deduct the weight of the container.

6. Scale will automatically turn off after roughly 2 minutes. 


  • DIMENSION: 11.3 x 7.6 x 1.2 inches
  • WEIGHT: 1.4 lbs
  • INCLUDES: x2 AAA batteries

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