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SpaSens® Cute Animal USB Humidifier

SpaSens® Cute Animal USB Humidifier

This adorable miniature cute as a button humidifier is useful when you’re on the go. Unlike any other humidifiers this one has the ability to fit snugly in the comforts of your car, office and home. Not many people really know what a humidifier is used for. Do you have a clue? The most relevant aspect to remember is that humidifiers act as an assistant in producing moisture back into the air. 

Try this trick, close your eyes for 1 minute and just breathe in and out 3 times through your nose. Try to feel the air around you. Now ask yourself this, does it lack moisture? If you have the impression of the oxygen being stuffy, suffocating and stale you’re probably right. Your next question may be, how can I fix this problem? Well, let the Cool Mist Bear Humidifier USB uplift the atmosphere surrounding you. This will ingest H20 back into the air resulting in a fresher way of living. Logically, adding water to something brings life. So, why not take a chance with the and bring enthusiasm and purity into every breath you take by purchasing this product.

cute animal usb diffuser

What are the Benefits?

Top 13

1. Help treat colds and allergy symptoms due to dry weather season
2. Improve the look of your skin complexion by moisturizing your skins surface
3. Eliminates hacking coughs
4. No more sleepless nights this will regulate sleep your sleep patterns
5. When sick will disinfect the air of harmful microbes
6. Clear dry throat
7. Be more peaceful and relaxed
8. Give you energy to start off your morning routine
9. Reduces airborne viruses causing flu like infections
10. Preserving the life span of house plants by changing the humidity in the air
11. Saving appearance of home by slowing the peeling of wallpaper
12. Preventing cracks in furniture and in paints on walls
13. Modern sleek design

Where Is This Usable?

Unique Design
Have you ever seen a humidifier that can be plugged into a desktop or laptop USB socket? Well, don’t say you haven’t because you’ve seen it here! This outstanding design is compatible with any USB socket, usable anywhere. As long as there is electricity or power running through the walls or a known device then you are good to go. Just plug the machine in to an outlet and you’re ready to go.

Not to mention it has a magnetic seal underlining the head of the bear so it securely fits upon
And if in any case you cannot find a USB socket another option would be to get an adapter which will work just as well.

Suitable for: Car, Office, Home, Bathroom, Kitchen etc.

Instructions of Usage

1. Plug the USB Port into the power outlet
2. Add 80ml of water in water tank and cover with head cap (Make sure the magnets line up so it’s secure)
3. Press the “start button” (located at the front of the bear, black button)
4. Once this is in effect you should see a red light above the plug in socket at the left side of the bear it this tells you that the device is properly working
5. Press the button in the middle of the bear to deactivate machine

*It will only work for approximately 3 hours then it will automatically stop preserving power.

spasens animal humidifier specifications

Specifications / Safety & Cautions

Package Includes
1 Bear humidifier
1 Black extender capsule
2 Foam absorbent sticks
1 USB Port Plug

Type: White Bear Humidifier
Water Tank Capacity: 80ml
Purpose: Bring water vapor in the air
Mist: R50ml/hr
Temperature: 10~40 degrees Celsius
Material: Magnet, Plastic, metal springs, foam, ABS
Voltage: DC 5V
Model: LJH-003
Size: 8x7.5x9.5cm

-Please do not put any acidic oils for it will cause this device to erode on the insides.
-Clean once a week for optimal use. (Wipe with towel or rinse with luke warm water)
-Do not add any soaps or detergents in the machine
-Keep away from heat or electrical wiring
-Do not pull head cap when the machine is running
-If it stops working put one drop of what in the water mist hole and use tissue to wipe off excess water

This is not made for essential oil use. DO NOT in any circumstance add essential oil this will cause the tank to crack and breakdown.

Try one today! You can get it here for only $13.65!

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