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Foot Scrubber for Shower with Silicone Massaging Brush

Here Is How You Can Enjoy Scrubbing Your Feet and Getting a Foot Massage In The Shower Without Breaking Your Back

Looking for an easy way to gently removes hard keratin from your feet or just need a soothing foot massage? 

Your are in the shower enjoying a relaxing bath and when it comes to washing our feet we have to either bend our back or kneel down. This is not only uncomfortable but it can potentially be dangerous as well because the soapy water is slippery. You don't want to risk losing your footing and injuring yourself.

Luckily, with Comfort Foot Scrubber, you will be able to ensure that your feet get a deep cleaning while staying safe!  Simply apply cleanser on the soft brush of this foot washer and enjoy.

foot brush washer

Top 5 Ultimate Benefits Of This Podiatrist Recommended Shower Foot Scrubber

Enjoy a smoothing refreshing foot massage with this shower foot brusher made in Japan. This foot massaging scrubber is not only just for removing keratin, but also great for massaging the soles of your feet to increase blood flow and more.

Your heel goes from rough to smooth in minutes

Enjoy soothing foot massage while reducing stress

Stimulate blood flow to the feet and help keep circulation problems to a minimum.

 Provides the deep cleansing of your feet and toes like never before. All the nooks and crannies, all the curvatures around your toes, and all the little areas that we usually miss with hand scrubbing techniques won't be ignored.

The foot scrubber doubles as a massager where you can relish the soothing sensation of your feet being cleaned while the refreshing fragrance of the soap or body wash completes the overall session.

Features Like Durable Soft Bristles Makes This Well Known Japanese Foot Scrubber the Best

 Comfort Foot Scrubber secures itself on the shower or bathtub floor with rubber suction cups. This enables the ability to effectively scrub and clean your feet while not moving around.

 The extra support also gives you a peace of mind knowing that you will not trip by accident with the foot scrubber sliding around in slippery soapy water.

Reliable made in Japan, passed an endurance test of 30,000 uses

Durable ergonomic bristles. Can withstand vigorous scrubbing based on your needs.

 Durable heavy rubber base with suction cups. Gives you a peace of mind knowing that it is safely secured on the floor.

Quality durable bristles, the foot scrubber will make sure that any grime, dirt, and oil will be brushed away while providing you with a sense of cleanliness and comfort unlike before.

 Premium Quality. Designed and made in Japan.

foot scrubber japanese quality

How To Use This Foot Massaging Scrubber

1. Lather your body with soap and water.
2. Secure Comfort Foot Scrubber securely on the floor with the suction cups.
3. Apply additional soap on the foot scrubber bristles.
4. Hold onto something secure; with two hands supporting your weight, gently lower your foot on top of the foot scrubber and move your foot up and down the curvature of the bristles. 
5. Repeat the same steps for the other foot.
6. Rinse off the soap from the foot scrubber. 

How to use foot brush

Keep In Mind When Using the Foot Scrubber

When in use of this product make sure you position the foot scrubber and place it in the desired area of bathtub before taking a shower or bathing so the suction cups that is located below the scrubber can attach to the surface.

  • Do not leave children alone, always supervise
  • Do not forcefully tear apart for this will cause it to rip
  • Refrain from using toxic/harsh chemicals
  • Make sure you position yourself as comfortably as possible

Note: At all times when using the foot scrubber you should be simultaneously holding onto a secure object, for example, handle rails or if you do not have this necessity within your tube place both of your hands against the wall for maximum security.


    Dimension: 9.2 x 2.5 x 11.8 inches
    Weight: 2.6 pounds
    Material: Silicone, rubber
    Color: Pink

    Package Includes

    - comfort shower foot scrubber silicone brush

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