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Facial Cleansing Brush Ultra Soft Pores Fyola®


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Fyola® Cleansing Brush For Long Lasting Ultra Soft Delicate Smooth Skin 

Part of our facial brush selection, this unique product offers the finest and most refined cleansing solution possible. With its silk-like super-fine brush bristles, your face is gently caressed with outmost care while impurities and dead skin cells are effectively removed. Never again will you have to worry about cleansing sessions brushing too hard against your face. Never again will you have to worry about unwanted skin damage.

facial brush interchangeable heads

Your skin is important to you and we know it. That's why this unique product is so wonderful that it can provide you with the best cleansing and massaging treatment at an affordable price!

It looks Simple But There's A Deeper Layer Of Knowledge That Goes With Facial Cleansing Here Are The Benefits

 Takes care of skin cells that become more and more delicate due to a lack of natural therapies provided by the sun and nature.

 Eliminates common problems, such as allergies, pimples, rashes, and more that are becoming more pronounced on people's face.

Brushes the face with anti-allergenic sponges, gentle upon your face but can also provide the most effective cleaning possible.

 Washes away unwanted red blemishes and marks that can ruin your wondrous look.

 Catered to different skin types, the facial brush is one that is designed for sensitive skin.

Amazing Features

 Exfoliate, cleans, and massages your face using the most delicate brush head possible.

 Gentle on the skin, touch on contaminants

 Cordless feature ensures convenience of using the product is not sacrificed.

 Interchangeable heads give you the ease of using different brushes for different applications.

 Ergonomic design provides the best comfort while you tenderly clean your facial skin.

Instructional Tips

1. Choose one of the treatment heads and then put it on to the plastic cap of the main unit
2. Apply some cleanser on your face
3. Turn on the device by pressing the power button once
4. Move it around on the face and enjoy massage
5. Turn off the device by pressing the power button again
6. Take out the brush head and clean it with tap water, please make sure to remove the treatment head from main unit before cleaning

    Keep In Mind

    Take out the battery in case the machine is not being used for a long period of time, to prevent damage caused by battery leakage. Also please do not soak the main unit into water or rinse it under running water.


      Product Number: MC0380
      Power: AA battery (1.5V)

      Package Includes

      - bristle brush head
      - sponge brush head
      - fur brush head
      - holding stand
      - manual

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