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Four-Layer Cervical Neck Traction (2nd Edition) CHISOFT®

Cervical Neck Traction ChiSoft® is the most efficient and affordable way to give your neck the stretch it deserves

Chisoft 4 layers neck tractions

When you experience neck pain, performing the simplest tasks becomes a major chore. Driving a car, turning your head, or sitting in front of the computer or TV becomes difficult and painful. Using pain medication on a long-term basis may cause nausea and other side effects. Many pain sufferers are looking for a non-medicinal solution for their neck pain.

Neck pain can result from injury, nerve damage, tension, or improper sleeping position. Neck exercises can loosen up muscles in the neck but improper neck exercises can cause tears in the muscles and connective tissues. There is a very fine line between exercising your neck muscles and stretching them to the point where more damage will occur.


Brilliant benefits of the ChiSoft® Cervical Traction

before and after neck traction treatment

Comfortable, simple and effective: when you use this product you will feel fast relief from pinched nerves, compressed discs, and herniated discs.

Corrects and help maintains proper neck posture: Having proper neck posture helps to avoid pain and prevent injury. 
Guaranteed results: Feel relief in a few minutes or your money back!
Relieve stress points: stretch out pressure points in the neck while increase your blood flow for the ultimate relaxation!
Easy to clean and user-friendly: no cords, no plugs, no other complicated stuff! Just a simple, yet intricate product to help you find relief from the pain. Fast inflation provides for faster relief!
"One size fits most": no need to worry about neck size, as this product is versatile and can fit most necks.
Three times more air capacity and larger air pump then other models in the market!
Made of the best quality: from fabric cover to rubber air pump, they are all made from durable materials for extended usage.
Comes with NEW and IMPROVED extended velcro strap: secure the neck traction on your neck and don't worry about it falling off when you move around.


Top special features of the ChiSoft® Cervical Neck Traction

No complexity in terms of installation and usage
Portable, put in small travel bag or handbag
Multi-level design 3 gear adjustment
New improved longer velcro allows a comfortable fit for suitable neck sizes
Soft to the touch velour material is durable and made with high-quality substances


What makes this product popular and better than generic models?

ChiSoft Neck Traction Features

This product provides the biggest hand pump compared to other generic brands. Not only that but the extended velcro strap is added to cater to the approximate majority of the universal neck sizes in the world. The specially designed, detachable, high-quality 3 air hoses are made so that in the event of accidental over-inflation you can safely and quickly pull off for rapid air release. Other similar products only have one hose and some don't even have the detachable feature.

This portable ChiSoft Neck Traction has several built-in air chambers and provides an effective, gentle, even traction particularly suitable for office workers and people texting on smartphones.

In today’s world, we all sit for prolonged periods of time in front of the computer and while driving a car so it’s no surprise that many people suffer from shoulder and neck pain. Besides postural changes and changes in our working habits, people are looking for something that will give them relief while sitting in front of a computer or while watching TV.

Unlike over-the-door neck traction devices which require setting up with weights and rope, the portable Chisoft neck traction device is easy to use and is safe; simply wrap the device around your neck, secure it with the velcro attachment, and inflate it with the hand held pump. While inflated, the device gently stretches your neck upwards and holds it in place. With this neck traction device, you are not confined to sitting on a chair beside a door which is inconvenient and dangerous.


Usage directions

Place the neck traction around the neck, adjust to appropriate circumference and fasten the nylon strap at the front.

1. Fasten the air release valve screw before pumping.
2. Adjust the clutching condition in the lower part of the collar, and traction angle as comfort dictates.
3. Use hand pump slowly until your neck is resting comfortably. Adjust the pressure accordingly. Do NOT over inflate the device this will damage the product, causing leaks.
4. The device may be used for 20-30 minutes for medium and minor inflation, and 1-3 minutes for major inflation.
5. Begin gently with medium and minor stretch, then moving on to major stretch if comfortable 2-3 times daily for 10-20 days.
6. After use, expel the air as slowly as possible by turning the screw. Do not take off the neck stretcher immediately from your neck after usage.
7. Let the air go out slowly. Do not squeeze the device to deflate it. Squeezing the inflated device will damage the product.

Blocking and unblocking the air flow: After pumping you can place the ball valve into the pipe to prevent air from leaking out. This is optional.

Cleaning: Spots on the surface of the neck traction must be cleared by soft brush after correct amount pumped. Do not use heavy rubbing or any hard brush.



The Chisoft neck traction device is recommended by chiropractors to relieve stiff and sore neck muscles. This neck traction device is portable and can be used anytime in the home or office. It’s a good, practical alternative to pain medication for your neck.

 J. Hill, Director of CaroMont Rehab and Sports Medicine said "Over the last four months has had the opportunity to allow our members to try the ChiSoft Neck Traction. We have received great feedback on the ease of use, immediate relief of muscle tension and convenience. "
 Only 20 minutes to free yourself from the bothering neck problem that makes your day much worse than it could be. Stretches muscles around the neck and shoulder area and maintains correct posture.
 ChiSoft Neck Traction helps reduce stiff muscles around neck and shoulders. This neck traction equipment devices can be used anywhere because ChiSoft is portable and it also give you control of the stretch level by manually pumping air into the device.
 Universal Fit: will fit almost anybody! With the extended velcro strap it can even fit more neck sizes. Lightweight and easy to use. Can be taken anywhere, and used anytime. Try now!
 Unique safety feature ONLY available at ChiSoft: The specially designed, detachable, high-quality 3 air hoses are made so that in the event of accidental over-inflation you can safely and quickly pull off for rapid air release. Other similar products only have one hose and some don't even have the detachable feature.
 BEST NECK TRACTION IN THE MARKET: bigger hand pump, extended Velcro strap and foot pump. Unique features only available at ChiSoft.


    Safety Precaution

    Basic safety cautions should always be followed when using electrical appliances, especially when children are present. Follow the instructions below.

    • Do not sleep with the neck traction on
    • Do not use the device as a substitute for neck brace
    • Do not use the device with acute neck strains or sprains
    • Keep out of reach of children

    Notice: This should not be a replacement for a medical device. No medical claims are warranted by the use of this product. It is strongly advised to consult your physician before use if you are currently undertaking medical treatment.



    Material: velour, soft nylon
    4 Layer pillow
    Weight: 250g
    Height inflation: 25cm/9.8''
    Neck size: 11''- 19''
    Inner diameter: 12cm/4.7''
    Outer diameter: 27.5/10.8''


    Package Include

    x1 ChiSoft® Cervical Neck Traction
    x1 Pump
    x1 Manual

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