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Ultimate carpal tunnel wrist brace

CarpalCure The Ultimate Carpal Tunnel Wrist Brace  That’s In Use Today

Sometimes it becomes tough to perform your day-to-day activities due to numbness, swelling or a tingly sensation on your wrist caused by CTS or repetitive strain injury. The CarpalCure device is wrapped comfortably around your wrist and reliefs CTS and other wrist-related symptoms.

CarpalCure the Ultimate CTS Pain Reliever

This is made possible by our ActiveBrace technology which begins a cycle of five minutes each time you push its blue ON button. In this cycle, powerful customized vibration patterns are transmitted throughout the whole wrist and hand area. By penetrating the most problematic areas, CarpalCure’s pulses can assist in restoring a better blood circulation and alleviate symptoms such as numbness, tingling, swelling and much more.

We understand the annoyance and discomfort, and that is why we have brought the all-new CarpalCure which leverages the powerful TW4 and TW5 acupuncture points that are located on the wrist and just a few centimeters from it towards the forearm in order increase the flow of energy and relieve pain.

Many customers have been told by their medical practitioners to order the CarpalCure. Let us take a careful look at this gadget and see how and why you should buy it.

Top Rated Benefits That Prove That This
Carpal Tunnel Wrist Brace Works As Seen In Commercials To Help Alleviate Wrist Pain And Numbness

hand muscle pain

While the majority of people do not have wrist pain and numbness and swelling issues, many individuals have these symptoms. When your arms are not healthy, it may render you in a no working state as most work requires the input of the arms. By combining our AtiveBrace technology and activating the localized pressure points throughout the wrist and carpal tunnel area, CarpalCure can both enable a quick recovery period and alleviate symptoms of wrist related issues like repetitive strain injury (RSI), Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS), soft tissues and tendon injury and much more.

Some people have gotten enough of numbness and a tingly sensation on their wrists. It is also quite difficult to alleviate carpal tunnel syndrome. This is where CarpalCure wrist brace comes to play.

 Fast relief of symptoms such as pain, numbness, tingling and more within minutes

 Non-Invasive Surgery

 No waiting lists

 Pain-free solution to carpal tunnel syndrome

 Carpal cure natural tunnel

 Drug free

 Latex free

 Patent pending

    Up until now the only solution to carpal tunnel syndrome has been physiotherapy or an expensive carpal tunnel surgery which leaves scars and comes with a very long wait. We bring you CarpalCure to your area which is readily affordable and painless to administer; with no injuries and waiting lists.

    Advanced Easy To Use Features That Work Miracles For Wrist Numbness Pain Or Repetitive Strain Injury

    There are various reasons for using this carpal tunnel wrist brace  including but not limited to carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), wrist pain, numbness and a tingly sensation which can be annoying and can cause discomfort. The uniquely designed features make this whole new experience better for helping aid these issues.

     Clinically proven: CarpalCure has passed strict clinical tests that proved its high efficiency with both alleviating wrist pain in different wrist issues and promoting faster healing.

     Designed by Orthopedics: CarpalCure’s design and technology have been developed by the best medical engineers and orthopedics.

     Enhanced Breathability: CarpalCure is manufactured with the best breathable neoprene which gives a nice, relaxed feeling while maintaining the right temperature required for better healing of the wrist.

     Easy to use: unlike many wearable devices which provide a complicated solution where the user is required to use external apps and complete many steps, CarpalCure’s approach is the complete opposite.

     After you put the device on your arm, all you need to do is press the on button, and the machine will handle the rest of the stuff.

     When on, the device will start a five-minute cycle in which a pattern of unique pulses and vibrations are transmitted to the problematic area directly, which in turn provides a fast relief of painful symptoms.

      Carpal cure is as a result of a long, extensive and expensive research and development process. It is paramount to us that our customers get to enjoy the best product that will provide them with best results and keep them safe. CarpalCure is therefore protected with a patent like the rest of the devices.

      Tips And Instructional Use

      CarpalCure the Ultimate CTS Pain Reliever

      Always have the device on your wrist while this is ideal for adjusting your comfort level. To turn off, press the power button again, and the blue light goes off.

      1. Wrap CarpalCure comfortably around the wrist and fasten both Velcro straps so that the device holds your wrist firmly but not so tight.
      2. After you insert the AAA battery to the micro generator with its plus pointing down, position it inside its inner pocket until it's centered on your wrist and lies comfortably along the connection of your wrist forearm
      3. Press On button located on the lower edge side that is close to your forearm. The device is engineered to produce results in a five-minute cycle.

      Keep In Mind

      Keep away from children and avoid contact with water to enhance its durability.

      • Most importantly keep product away from water, electrical parts are live even when it is off.
      • Turn off after use
      • Turn off immediately when unit comes in contact with liquid substances.
      • Keep out of reach from children
      • Avoid using it when you have had surgery on your wrist and sought advice from your physician.

      Carpal cure should never be a replacement for medical advice a no medical claims have been warranted by the use of this device. We strongly recommend that you consult your health practitioner if you are currently under any medication.


      Function: Wrist pain therapy
      Operation time: 5 minute
      Voltage: 1.5 AAA battery

      Package Includes

      - carpalcure device
      - micro-generator
      - velcro straps
      - AAA battery

      Try This Carpal Tunnel Wrist Brace Today

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