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Gentle Yet Effective Calf Stretcher and Foot Rocker

With this, Calf and Foot Muscles is No Longer an Issue

Arriving home from a long and stressful day at work or taking care of the kids, many of us find the closest place to sit down and relax. From walking around in heels or carrying heavy loads to and from point A and point B, our legs and calves become very tense and uncomfortable. Unfortunately, sitting down isn’t going to do the trick to relieve those tight muscles. If you’re looking for instant relief, you’ve come to the right place!

No need to search beyond this page! Vita Activate is here to inform you about yet another product that will change your life. Say hello to the Pro-Stretch Original Calf Stretcher and Foot Rocker for pain relief! It’s even a double calf-stretching device, so it offers you the same amount of comfort for both legs at the same time. This is your chance to relax and get yourself back on a healthy track!

Benefits of Using this Innovative Neck Muscle Relief Cradle

You’ll find your calf muscles and feet instantly relieved of tension. Relieves to heel pain, strained calf, shin splints, inflexibility, and plantar fasciitis. It really works wonders, and you'll see why with the benefits listed below!

 Walk with more energy, as it provides ankle strength

 Deep stretches reduce pain and stiffness

 Better sleep at night when your muscles are relieved of tension

 Gentle treatment for a healthier you!

Special Features

The Pro-Stretch Calf-Stretcher & Foot Rocker is the perfect remedy for you to try at home. It’s the best way to stretch out stiff and tight calf and foot muscles. In addition to this, you will feel free from pain.

 Use it on both feet simultaneously

 Safe to use

 Light and portable; you use it in the comfort of your own home, or bring it to work!

 Made of durable and long-lasting material that will save you money

Customer Reviews

"Really Helps my aching calves"
“Really helps my problem with aching calves at night! Just a couple of minutes works wonders!”

PLANTAR FASCIITIS? You need this! I love this thing!
“I've been suffering, I mean SUFFERING with plantar fasciitis all summer. My summer has been ruined from plantar fasciitis. In physical therapy I have lots of different treatment and end with the calf stretch using this thing.I recommend the double instead of the single. LOVE IT! My feet and calves thank you!”

Tips for Use

The Pro-Stretch Calf Stretcher and Foot Rocker is perfect to suit your comfort and pain solution needs! Here are some tips to keep in mind to ensure that you have the best possible experience with the device:

 Usable with one or both feet

 Fits adult shoes up to size 13

 Recommended weight is 250lb

Don’t wait! Get immediate pain relief right here, right now.

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