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Best Ultra Lightweight Single Person Bivy Tent

Single Person Bivy Tent

Whether you’re scrolling through your Instagram Feed, searching for images on Pinterest, or opening your Facebook profile, it seems that there are always certain people who are on an adventure in some exotic part of the world. Whether they’re on a camping trip in one of the great national parks of America or back packing through the lush forests of Europe, they seem to have the idea of camping all figured out.

While on the surface these trips may seem expensive and difficult to plan, with the right equipment you could be on your way as well. Having the right gear can open up a number of possibilities for you and the Bivy Tent is no exception.

Best Ultra Lightweight Single Person Bivy Tent


The Bivy tent is an ideal tool for those who are eager to hit the road but are intimidated by logistics. By having the Bivy Tent with you, you’ll no longer have to worry about where you’ll sleep on any of your exciting expeditions! Not only is the Bivy Tent practical, it’s also incredibly convenient. For starters, the Bivy Tent is so easy to assemble that anyone can do it!

Unlike other tents which come with complicated instructions and many parts, the Bivy Tent uses a simple Two Hoop Easy system that needs no instructions. It includes 3 bundles of rope, two aluminum poles, and 14 heavy duty stakes that will keep the tent firmly secured to the ground. The stakes are made of high quality materials so that they can be pierced through the ground no matter how tough it is. They’ll stay firmly secured through high winds, rains, and pretty much anything else you can imagine!

Best Ultra Lightweight Single Person Bivy Tent      Best Ultra Lightweight Single Person Bivy Tent

The Bivy Tent spaciously accommodates one person and is the ideal size and weight to take with you on any trip. At only 3lbs you won’t have any trouble throwing it into your backpack, duffle, or suitcase! Despite its spacious size, when packed the Bivy tent is only 18” x 4.5” x4”. Another innovative feature of the Bivy tent is that it’s designed to be used for three out of four seasons of the year!

That means you can use your tent during the summer, spring, and fall. It can even sustain the winter in the right conditions. The Bivy tent comes with a ventilated roof made of mesh with full coverage for protection from the rain. Don’t worry about feeling stuffy like you might in other tents, the Bivy tent is made with ventilation in mind.

You don’t have to worry about the elements with this tent. The Bivy tent features pre-sealed seams and a double reinforced rain-fly to ensure that every drop of rain is kept out. Not only will its resilient material and innovative design keep out the rain, it will also protect you from other nuisances of outdoors such as mosquitos and bugs.

Best Ultra Lightweight Single Person Bivy Tent


There’s a large zippered door that can easily be opened whenever you need to go outside and the open air netting can be left open or closed depending on your preference. On a warm summer night you can leave it open to enjoy the breeze and watch the stars and in case of an unexpected downpour you can easily zip it up. With the Bivy tent, you’ll no longer have any excuses not to camping or hiking anymore! It’s the ideal addition to your gear and you’ll be sure to have an amazing, no hassle experience.

When you own a tent you can rely on you no longer second guess yourself when planning a trip. A sturdy single person tent is one of the few things you actually need to survive through almost any conditions and it’s sure to open up a world of possibilities for you, no pun intended! When you have a reliable tent, it’s similar to having a portable home. If you don’t have the money to rent expensive hotels many cities have areas where you can use your tent instead! The Bivy tent is ideal for such circumstances, because of how easy and convenient it is. Next time you find yourself daydreaming about your next big adventure, know that you can make it happen simply by buying the Bivy tent.

Best Ultra Lightweight Single Person Bivy Tent

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