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Softest & Warmest Double Sleeping Bag with Comfortable Pillow Rests

Sleeping Bags with Pillow Rests offer Optimum Comfort during Camping Season!

Summer is rolling around, and that means that camping season is at it’s peak! It’s time for the whole family to get packed and get ready for some outdoor adventures in the wilderness, whether it be getting lost in the beauty of nature, or simply roasting marshmallows over the bonfire. Regardless of all the options for daytime activities, it’s more than just important to make yourself and your family comfortable when the sun sets and the stars come out!

Winterial Live’s Queen Sized Sleeping Bag is the perfect size for two! It’ll be just another home away from home, but even more comfy! Mummy bags are shaped in a way to retain your body heat and keep you warm in the chilly nights during camping season! It is more than simply an entry-level sleeping bag, as it provides optimal warmth and comfort! You’ll be amazed at how it suits to your camping needs!

Double Sleeping Pad

Major Benefits of this Special Sleeping Bag

 Compact and convenient

 Extra comfort with pillow rests - perfect to suit all family camping needs

 Made of soft and comfortable materials that allow for you to sleep better

 Smooth outer material makes it easy to clean after a long day of activities on the beach or in the forest!

Everyone looks for different qualities in sleeping bags that suit them to their needs! As a result, finding the best sleeping bag to keep you warm and comfortable throughout the trip can be difficult and frustrating. Yet, with this Winterial Live Sleeping Bag with Pillow Rests, you can sleep in total comfort, just as if you never left your warm bed at home!

The soft material will last you years of family camping, and therefore ensures you the best possible camping experience, wherever you are! Sleep under the shining stars on Winterial Live’s bed-like sleeping bag in your home away from home!


Special Features

Sleeping bags rarely have pillow rests, but Winterial Live has designed this product to suit to your comfort when you’re on camping excursions! It’s the best, most comfortable sleeping bag you’ll ever find. Here are some of the features!

 THE ULTIMATE 2 person Sleeping Pad / Designed for 2 people / Convenient and Portable double sleeping pad

 FEATURES 2 built in pillows / Optimum Sleep / Less items to pack / Space Saving while you are traveling and in the tent. This way, camping is made so much easier!

 DIMENSIONS: 72.8" x 51.2" x 1.2" / Overall weight of 5.5 lbs! The lightweight solution to other competing double sleeping pads!

 DURABLE BUILD: 190T Polyester Fabric and PVC / 2 quick self inflating and deflating valves. With winterials self inflating sleeping pads, they will inflate in a matter of minutes providing you with an incredible night's sleep in the outdoors!

 PORTABLE: Carry bag INCLUDED! Perfect for car camping, backpacking, or family camping. This is the double sleeping pad for you!

Double Sleeping Pad        Double Sleeping Pad 

Tips for Use

  1. Avoid machine washing and drying
  2. Allow to air-dry after use

Package Includes

  1. Instruction Manual
  2. Sleeping Bag

So what are you waiting for? Camping season is just around the corner, so don’t miss out on this low-price classic-style Winterial Live Queen Sized Sleeping Bag that you can use to your heart’s desire whenever and wherever!

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