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Organic Baby Calming Gentle Body Wash, Green Tea Extract

Protect Your Baby’s Skin with a Body Wash that Contains Natural Ingredients 

Bath time with your little one is perhaps one of the most fun bonding activities you can do together. Make your time special by choosing an organic product that gently cleans and cares for your baby’s sensitive skin.

Your baby’s skin acts as a protection against external elements, irritants, and toxins that can harm them. However, because your baby’s skin is extra sensitive, parents need to take precautions when protecting their little one from the harsh effects of chemicals that are found in most baby products in the market.

Therefore, dermatologists highly recommend using organic products such as the DermaMed Gentle Body Wash to keep your little one’s skin clean while remaining smooth, soft, and healthy.


What to Look for in a Safe Organic Baby Body Wash



Making sure that your baby is using the safest product is one way of showing him your love and care. Here are some of the factors you should consider when choosing an organic body wash.

It should be mild & safe. When you’re cleaning your baby’s skin, use a natural product that is dermatologist-tested to ensure that the ingredients are non-irritating and pH balanced. The ingredients should be safe enough to use on a newborn’s sensitive skin. 

It should be made from natural ingredients. An organic baby wash should contain a blend of natural ingredients that do not contain any harmful chemicals and toxins. The DermaMed Gentle Baby Wash is infused with natural ingredients such as calendula, chamomile, ginseng, green tea, marshmallow, myrtle extracts, and citric acid.

It should effectively cleanse your baby’s skin. The combination of these natural ingredients produces an organic baby wash that is gentle on your baby’s sensitive skin. Therefore, it is very safe to use. At the same time, these ingredients are effective in cleansing your baby’s skin from dirt and bacteria.

It should moisturize their skin. An organic baby wash should be able to provide relief to dull, flaky, and dry skin. At the same time, it should contain calming and moisturizing properties. This prevents your baby’s skin from becoming too dry.


Why You Should Switch Over to A Hypoallergenic Baby Wash

It also helps protect them from external irritants and discomfort while promoting a healthy skin. An organic baby wash such as the DermaMed Gentle Body Wash not only soothes and moisturizes your baby’s skin, but it also contains ingredients with antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that doesn’t strip away the skin’s natural oils. 

Your baby’s skin is five times thinner compared to an adult’s skin. It is more sensitive and more vulnerable. Adults should treat a baby’s skin more gently because their skin is more prone to irritation, allergies, and other skin conditions. Therefore, it is only practical that you choose an organic personal care product for your little one.

The DermaMed Gentle Body Wash protects your baby’s gentle skin and prevents it from getting irritated or drying up. It keeps their skin moisturized while eliminating the dirt without causing any harmful effects. It is gentle enough to be used to cleanse your baby’s sensitive skin and hair. Give your Baby the Best Protection with the DermaMed Gentle Body Wash.


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